Howard Shore to step down as CEO at Shore Capital Group

Howard Shore, Founder and CEO of Shore Capital Group will be stepping down from the company.

The company announced that Howard Shore will be replaced by Simon Fine and David Kaye as joint CEOs.

He will remain executive chairman of the group and will focus on its international investment strategy, the investment firm said in a statement.

Shore Capital Group is an independent investment group specialising in principal finance, equity capital market activities and alternative asset management.

According to Evening Standard, Shore still owns 41% of the shares and thinks the future is bright for smaller City players as the big banks desert their own customers.

“Corporates who want to raise capital are increasingly turning to independents because we have better relationships,” he said. “It is amazing to me how slow banks are to respond to people who want to borrow money.”

He added: “The big opportunity from Brexit is deregulation. I would like to see a bonfire of regulation. Why aren’t we getting productivity gains? Because as a country we are over regulated.”

Shore thinks the weak pound will ensure money keeps flooding into London whatever wobbles follow Brexit.

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