Piuni global recharge card Ponzi scheme review

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Piuni is a Ponzi scheme disguised as a global mobile recharge service for anyone to make calls to any country.

With all the sugar-coating and packaging, Piuni is just another ponzi scheme operating with recharge cards and bill payments. The tactics is to get users’ information which is then used to lure them to join the scheme.

There are several bogus claims with red flag all over what the scheme stands for. Owners claim that Piuni is a US telecommunications company based in Arkansas in the United states. They also claim to be operating in 140 countries, Nigeria included. Meanwhile, checks on Google shows that its only known office is located at Allen Avenue, in Lagos.

On the website are different brands and logos of different telecommunication companies which according to critics of the scheme would have been easily picked from Google or other search engines, “trust me none of these companies are their affiliates, it is just to lure you to register on the scheme”, a critic of the scheme said on an online forum.

This is how it works; once you are on the website, a pop up comes up for you to select your country after which you choose what service you want either to purchase airtime or buy a data bundle, after which your details are required and the system stops bringing more option/pop ups. What this people are really after is to get as many people’s information as possible. They are then targeted to buy packages which can then be sold to other affiliates.


The scheme is only bent on selling Ponzi packages. Subscribers are promised full access to Piuni platform. Earn commissions on all Piuni products and services. They can “Earn commissions on your referral. Access to Initial Float/Stock to sell to your customers. Choose the Premium pack and maximize your earning potential. Qualify for the Piuni Premium Partner program. Conveniently pay for Bills, airtime anytime, anywhere”.

Meanwhile, there are no products on the websites just logos of different telecommunication companies.

Piuni also claims to own the payment platform called U-Pay, which can be used on over 50,000 services worldwide. There are no proofs as to how this technology works.

The claim of Piuni as a global call card platform does not, in the end, hold water. The major goal is to get affiliates who will pay to buy these Ponzi packages. The drought in recruitment will mean people who have invested in the scheme will lose everything they have put in.

68 thoughts on “Piuni global recharge card Ponzi scheme review

  1. eeeya, if you are truly clueless, its best to keep quiet.
    Your reasons are just baseless.

    Welldone, we don notice you

    1. Piuni promised over 50 products and up till now only the networking part and the u top up that is working. Even the u top up u can’t fund ur account again after exhausting the 10$ u r given. When they know that their products and services are not fully ready, why are they collecting such huge amount from people. It’s been over a year and yet everything about them is coming soon. They want u to keep bringing people for them and u will b rewarded with $20 on each person u bring while they kip $120 to themselves. They are nothing but fraudster. I have joined and am just seek and tired of their coming soon excuses.

  2. You don’t have a job dear, its better you join them and change the world than condemning it because PIUNI has come to stay and weather you like it or not, you will at the end be a partaker either as a customer or affiliate.

    This is how MTN-Nigeria started, if you where there then, you would have called it a scam, now those that bought their shares then and subscribe to their package are now multimillionaire.

    1. Hello Piuni claim its office is in USA and i have search google i can’t see anything apart from the nigeria advert. show me how to top up with Ubills app which is not on Google play store and not downloadabe at moment
      like Quickteller. Give a link so that i can buy airtime with it and
      let’s us confirm their claim.

      1. U have been saying give me a link to confirm yet none among all who claims piuni is real have answered u. Sometimes how Nigerians backup information without proof. U guys should spare me this argument and release us from the fear then give Mr Theo the link so that people will start believing on you guys.

  3. Where you paid to write this?
    You seem to have no knowledge about Network Marketing or Word of Mouth Advertising.

    What is the meaning of Ponzi Packages.
    You are not well informed at all

    You are just looking for traffic and adsense earnings.Your site is full of adverts!

  4. Hello, I carefully read your post but I must say I disagree with you. Some of the points you stated were inaccurate. For example you said people’s information are obtained to lure them into joining. That’s not true. Am sure you haven’t attended a single piuni seminar. Do ponzi’s have any value they give? Even if the global recharge that I can confirm workimg very was the only value or service working, will that still make piuni a ponzi? Do ponzi’s have concern about improving their product line. Don’t be surprised when piuni takes over. By them am sure you will become a member yourself by that time.

    1. Bros show me how to top up with Ubills app which is not on Google play store
      like Quickteller. Give a link so that i can buy airtime with it and
      let’s us confirm your claim.

    2. One thing people don’t understand about ponzi is that it has no define product. for example what product does MMM offer nothing neither gold, silver or Airtime. when you see a scheme ask a question what is their product and is it well-define. Nigerians think for goodness say! did you go to school so you can get a job? or you went to school to develop your mind, so you can be able to know what is define and also start your business. Thanks Adedeji

  5. Pls say what you know about, how can piuni be a scam and ponzi? I want to join but you’ve made my mind to be down. Pls can somebody educate me more on piuni pls,
    thank you.

      1. @Gideon show me how to top up with Ubills app which is not on Google play store like Quickteller. Give a link so that i can buy airtime with it and let’s us confirm their claim.

    1. Guy be wise oo, tell any those convincing people to register to send a link with the Ubills for you recharge your phone to test it like you use Quickteller to top up. they will send you nonsense link which you can’t use to recharge.

    2. Its better to subscribe with a company which is well register with CAC in Nigeria your own country not all this the more you look the less you see.

  6. Piuni is not a ponzi scheme, if you like go wide to condemn Piuni but what I believe in is that if you like it or not you are a customer to Piuni. I smile to my Bank on daily bases just because of the help of Piuni my dear if you have not joined that means you are missing something greater than you can imagine. PIUNI ALL THE WAY.

  7. Are the piuni products like global recharge credit now available for use? How can the ordinary nigerian on the street obtain it.

    1. #John O. Absolutely, yes. Never be cajol by Miriam Ogundana’s report about piuni, infact, either she has not gotten her fact right or as a blogger, this is one of the ways she make money. If u want to know more lets talk privately,

  8. All of you hear are jokers!!!! Piuni is a scam and ponzi worst than MMM …

    A company that claims its office is in Arkansas but cannot identify where Arkansas is on a map!!!!

    Please for anyone else reading this post in future just search of Piuni scam on google

  9. People can be so illiterate sometimes…. Thanks for this post I would have been scammed by these Piuni Scam…… I made a review and I saw that the real location is hidden and I asked why? Who would u hold if u don’t get your money back…Piuni is a ponzi scheme

    1. In science facts are tested before they are declared a law. how can you declare something based on what “Others are saying” Tel us your facts. No registered affiliate has come here to claim its ponzi. i said REGISTERED AFFILIATE

  10. I do not understand, I really want to join but with these news let me wait until it starts working and hear the government speak about it,beside their are many other business to do.

    1. If Piuni gives you the option of selling airtime and then getting paid doing so, not just airtime alone, Bill payment what other business does that, i really want to know

      1. The question is, apart from the airtime topup. What other services have they launched since they started? I joined 2016. Till date no app, no relevant website. Anyone defending Piuni after scamming billions of naira should please wait for our actions and law suit.

  11. PIUNI is projected as a world Technological company based in Arkansas USA and is operating in 140 countries.
    Why is it that only Nigerians react about this post.
    Let’s watch.
    Just want to make common sense.

    1. Its because majority of Nigerians are pessimistic about MLM after being dupped by so-called get rich quick scheme. It’s poverty of the mind that make then want to do anything to get money, they do not want to think and find a solution. When someone brings out a new idea they just condemn it. See you cannot learn how to swim by just looking at the swimmer, you have to get out there and see what works for you before saying “swimming is suicide, and telling people you saw someone who died swimming, therefore no-one should try swimming” Its the same with MLM if you are in it follow the leaders and test all your curiosity. Thanks Peter Ojo

  12. Absolutely true. I am a victim of this so called piuni. I was convinced to register by a friend I trusted so much in October since then nothing has happened in the account. My friend promised to handle my account for 60days and promised I will make double of my registration fees which was (65k)., Till now he hasn’t Done anything concerning the account it’s just there. I have been calling Him to sell the account and give me back my money he doesn’t even pick my call. I don’t know how to get my money back or sell the account. I really regret putting my hard earned money into that Ponzi scheme called Piuni.

    1. You were duped by your friend not Piuni. He played on your laziness.
      Piuni doesn’t promise you money for doing nothing. Piuni is 101% real.
      Ppl said bitcoin was not real,today the same ppl are clamouring for it. So you can believe what you like.
      In Piuni we make money and not mouth.

    2. Did you login to the account yourself and see that your friend truly registered you? If yes tweet me your number @michaelite_1 and i will glady buy that treasure called PIUNI

  13. There’s a lot of misconception about Piuni, but in all piuni is real and not a scam or Ponzi. Piuni has 9 products they sell/market.

    Read the following to get educated a bit.

    Piuni is just a marketing company, the technology and products are owned by U-Tech.
    Piuni is using a 2-way marketing approach – Once you acquire a franchise with Piuni you can go solo, that is, enjoy the package alone or sell it for profit. Or you can go the MLM way, which pays better plus many benefits.
    The flagship product is Ubills, which comprises mobile top up, data bundles, utility bill payment, etc. There are a total of 9 products.
    Nigeria is the pioneer country for piuni since MLM or network marketing explodes anytime Nigeria is involved. There are about 7 African countries and the UK currently involved in piuni. I can’t talk more on this here.
    Piuni just recently obtained license from NCC and their equipments are already installed for operation.

    My advice to anyone that wants to do this business is that you should make sure you are under a leader who attends meetings or always stays informed, or own the business and be the leader.

  14. Piuni just recently obtained NCC licence for installation of terminal equipments for airtime, SIM card and other related services.

    Please, pardon my earlier mistake. I couldn’t edit it after sending.

  15. I am about to be an affiliate but what I read here is making me to be confused. I am interested much in Ubrowze but now confused.

    1. Its better to subscribe with a company which is well register with CAC in Nigeria your own country not all this the more you look the less you see.
      Join me on Recharge and get paid we have various packages. You can register small or big depend on the bonuses you wish to acquire.
      Call me for more information on RAGP: 08034303825….. The least package is being registered with #5,000 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca70104c33422a3bfb313815d4374c50dbe90849365374bc85babb53638276ce.jpg

    2. Commissions.ng have products you can see.. with just 25k you can own your own ecommerce site stocked with products.. all delivery and logistics taken care of by the company for more info 07063076150

    3. it’s about choice, that if you want to be dare and step from the known to the unknown but mind you, take a CALCULATED DARE!

  16. Every Body Needs PIUNI.
    PIUNI For All Nigerins
    PIUNI Works & Is True.
    just about 3 months but am been blessed.
    come, and try the great PIUNI & be Blessed.
    PIUNI Woorks. I heard about it & I tried it. & it works.s

    1. Dickson TeamMillion has said a few which I think is quite instructive. Madam blogger please contact the African Director, Mr. David Olowe, for enlightenment before u pass ur judgement on the system.

      We have decided to have a blind faith in the system and we will surely have the last laugh.

  17. Instead of this Piuni, I rather continue with MMM, bcos in MMM no money is lost but rather the new model will make MMM last longer than expected. MMM has been paying everyone of their 2016 money alongside 2017 money.

    You will be glad you did.

    1. There’s a system that is even more better than MMM you catch out monthly when your money is due not waith for system to match you with someone to pay you, its your money and if you want to invite others, i said IF, you also earn…. to know more tweet me @michaelite_1

  18. The Big News…

    Piuni Global Telecoms and Bill Payment platform is the first universal platform for bill payments and mobile top up via which you can dispense airtime to over 6 billion mobile lines in 143 countries including Nigeria … with just one single pin voucher.

    The best part is that the company rewards (pays) You for doing what you ordinarily would like to do or pay someone to do for you Daily like:

    – Top-up mobile phones or buy internet bundles

    – Wire money to friends, family or business associates around the world

    – Pay bills for hundreds of services worldwide e.g.Digital/Cable TV subscriptions, Electricity Bills, Water Bills, Healthcare, Internet, Government Taxes, Fuel & Gas purchase, E-Commerce, Education Bills (School fees), Transportation (Flight Bookings), and much more.

    Piuni is that one innovative brand that has found a way to put money back in your pocket each time you live your normal life-style (i.e. PAY BILLS)

    You can learn more about this all-in-one money spitting supper system by visiting http://piuniaffiliates.info/
    or Contact +234 809 580 7684

    1. show me how to top up with Ubills app which is not on Google play store
      like Quickteller. Give a link so that i can buy airtime with it and
      let’s us confirm their claim.

    2. Also why is the exchange rate so high 420naira to 1dollar ummm when even at parallel market we dey buy am 360naira to 1dollar.

  19. Please someone i want to do top up. Show me how to top up with Ubills app from Piuni which is not on Google play store
    like Quickteller. Give a link so that i can buy airtime with it and
    let’s us confirm their claim.

    1. Oga with just 25k you can own your own ecommerce site on commissions.ng atleast you see the products you are selling and u make money from referrals too

  20. I think all these claims are just bogus for several reasons amongst whom are:

    There is no way you will operate in 140 countries and the only mention about you in google are all Nigeria related

    A simple google check lists your office on Allen Avenue despite you claim to based out of the US

    You hold training sessions and all the pictures available on google are pictures about Nigerians

    They make a claim that they have Universal recharge card, when i
    feel they just determine your network from your mobile number and then
    give you a relevant recharge card. If truly universal, the phone nos
    shouldnt matter. Just sell me recharge card and forget what I do with

    They claim to own the payment platform called U-Pay, which can be
    used on over 50,000 services worldwide, but yet they cannot even get
    the logo right!. The logo on thier site and video cannot even be found
    on google images. Above all, the link for more details on the site
    doesnt work!

    Then talk about U-SIM… I cannot even find anything related about their U-SIM on google despite being so “ground breaking”

    Anyway, I am just so upset and wanted to vent here…. especially
    since I could not find any site on google telling people that Piuni is a
    scam and for them to stay clear.

  21. Piuni is real and has several products and packages to offer.
    People have different view and understanding about anything online.
    But the truth is, Any website without products to offer or services to render could be regarded
    as PONZI. If you bring someone, you earn.

    But piuni is different and I recharge my lines using their u-bills platform. And I have made some
    commission referring people to invest.
    What am I trying to say;

    Piuni is a global company that will grant you access to
    -Recharging your phone to virtually all networks with one PIN worldwide.
    – Pay your Utility Bills anywhere you are residing
    -Set off your Insurance and Hospital Bills
    -Pay for your TV subscription
    -And send money to your loved ones no matter where they live.
    Just to mention but a few

    I know lots of people will criticize my post and me all sorts of names. Maybe I am trying to advertise
    and get people into the game.

    The good side is that you stand to lose nothing and you have entered into the new world innovation. the telecom biz.

    The bad side is if you fail to buy the idea, you still remain to 9 t0 5 salary earner.

    To convince you about this, I have volunteered to offer a N500 recharge card each to 2 persons through piuni
    U-Bills platform. I mean the first 2 ppl to drop me their number, whether MTN, ETISALAT, GLO or AIRTEL.

    At least I have not asked you to register through my link lol. But if you are convinced after the recharge card, I would appreciate if you can go through piuni here: piuni dot net/pillar.

    Please don’t fail to tell our readers that you actually get the card.

    1. i believe piuni is real if you are an affiliate just tweet me @michaelite_1 and let me see how to register

    1. Hello Benedict,
      Thank you for your comment,
      We advise you to read the article and reach your own conclusions, we do not offer financial and or investment advice.

  22. Its better to subscribe with a company which is well register with CAC in Nigeria your own country not all this the more you look the less you see.
    Join me on Recharge and get paid we have various packages. You can register small or big depend on the bonuses you wish to acquire.
    Call me for more information on RAGP: 08034303825….. The least package is being registered with #5,000

  23. i don’t believe its a ponzi scheme, if you want to confirm go buy airtime from those registered affiliates even if its MTN 100 naira and see if its real then come tell us. I don’t believe whoever posted this story is a registered affiliate, one thing you need to understand in Multi-level marketing (MLM) is that someone (Up-line) has to refer you (Down-line) and sign you up with his ref-feral link, that’s the only way you can have access into the back-office. Whoever posted this should tell us if he went to try signing up on his own (obviously MLM doesn’t work that way) or he signed up with his ref-feral link. If he can confirm this i will ask the piuni co-ordinator in Delta State , Asaba to verify. Lastly MLM is the business of this present time. Read the book “The Business of the 21st Century by Robert T. Kiyosaki” He predicted it and now its happening also you can learn how MLM works.

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