SuperTopup app provides zero interest airtime credit

SuperTopup app provides zero interest airtime credit

For telecoms customers who make lots of calls and cannot afford to be out of credit at any point in time, SuperTopup has introduced an app that enables borrowing or buying of airtime with no interest.

This app is a new app that changes the way you buy and borrow from your preferred Mobile network without having to pull a muscle.

First of all the SuperTopup app makes it very convenient to purchase airtime. It works with any ATM 💳 card which is registered by the user. Topup any phone number in a few seconds.

Second is how borrowing airtime works on SuperTopup and how it is different from what people are used to. SuperTopup sets a credit limit for you. Your credit limit determines the maximum amount of airtime you can borrow at any time. You can borrow for any phone number, not just your own.

When you borrow, you are credited the full amount you request, no less. The amount you payback is determined by when you payback. SuperTopup charges 1% per day. This means the quicker you payback the less you payback. This put you in control. You can borrow multiple times until you reach your credit limit. You can even buy airtime whilst you owe without any deduction. As long as your loan is not due, the app will dispense the full amount when you buy airtime.

Anothe feature on the is its ability to enable customers request airtime by sending a Facebook message to SuperTopup. To benefit from this feature, the customer is required to provide phone number, mobile network and the amount needed to topup

As a regular user of the app, you can also expect loads of exciting promos and rewards. Regardless of the mobile network you use, the SuperTopup app is simple and easy to use.The app is available on the Play Store.