SuperDAO brings Ethereum training to Lagos


SuperDAO, an Ethereum decentralized autonomous governance system for incentivized collaborative management of disruptive, economical viable dapp has announced a training and hiring programme in Lagos.

According to the organisers, the meetup will be bringing applicants opportunity involving paid training and work opportunity with SuperDAO.

Participants will learn more about the disparity between server-client applications in comparison to decentralized blockchain application counterparts (Dapps). You will learn about the possibilities with decentralized turing complete Ethereum blockchain, adjacent technologies, like light clients, swarm and whisper, superdao’s vision and mission , superdao dapps (decentralized applications) and qualifications or requirements for involvement.

Organiers said they are looking for software developers interested in getting gainfully involved, learning more about real-world use-cases for turing complete blockchain smart contract technology and are already proficient with javascript and or other programming languages.

Planned to be present at the training and meetup is Oladapo Ajayi, founder SuperDAO alongside other veterans.