MoneyVan 100% ponzi scheme review


Do not be deceived by the name Moneyvan, it is just like every other ‘hit and run’ Ponzi scheme with promise of 100% return base on the package you invest in.

Moneyvan uses the provide help and get help mode of pairing, where a investor/participant donates to another participant within the scheme in a stipulated time frame after which he/she get in queue to get help also.

Moveyvan is described as “A community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence”.

This statement is just an ordinary write up without facts because a Ponzi scheme is not a way of providing financial help to a person, come to think of it, most of the participants do not even know one another,so how will i know who I am rendering rendering help to and do l now the person really needs help and he/she is not just out to get the money and run?

The major challenge with these kinds of schemes which no one has been able to resolve is the mindset of the people participating in the schemes, 90% of them have the mindset of ‘hit and run’ meaning they will only invest their capital and will not recycle which is not healthy to the system and eventually kill the system and leave others hopeless.

Moneyvan offers different packages which included NGN10,000, NGN20,000, NGN50,000, NGN100,000,NGN 200,000 and NGN500,000. This is how it works; When you provide help (Invest) to a member, another will provide help (Invest) to you with 100% Increment + Additional percentage (Base on the package you choose) within 1 to 15 working days maximum. That is, 100% of NGN10,000 is NGN20,000, 100% ofNGN20,000 is NNG40,000, 100% of NNG50,000 is NGN100,000,100% of NGN100,000 is NGN200,000, 100% of NGN200,000 is NNG400,000 and 100% of NNG500,000 isNNG1 million. This is just a confirmation of the populer saying that ”using peter’s money to paul”.

Another important factor to observe is that Moneyvan does not have purge button which most participants always want because it enables them to remove any of their down lines that is not ready to pay and they will be rematch with another participant. So, if a down line does not pay you in Moneyvan, there is no how you can ask for a rematch since the button is not available and that simply means your investment has gone with the wind.

However, having a purge button does not make a Ponzi scheme legal or legitimate.

The downfall of the scheme is imminent. Be watchful and careful.

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