GetHelpWorldWide collapses after few months of reboot

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GethelpworldWide, one of the many Ponzi Schemes that mimicked MMM Nigeria has crashed after a few months of rebooting.

Investors of GethelpworldWide also known as GHW were shocked when the unseen owners of the scheme sent them a message that they have to start all over.

The message blamed the new policy on activities of fraudsters who invaded the platform with fictitious withdrawal and deposit requests.

Apparently shocked that the scheme has once again collapsed, some of its investors took to public forums to cry for help. See the message below:

Hello esteemed GHW xclusive members,
It seems that some clarification on the PH and GH process on the GHW xclusive platform is needed. It’s no longer news that a lot of challenges experienced on the previous GHW platform were as a result of fraudulent individuals who embarked on a campaign of trying to cause havoc, distort and discredit the system. The creation of numerous accounts with fake identity and bogus PH offers, and the resultant surge in fake POP made it highly necessary for a decisive action to be taken. The relentless effort to nullify fraud and restore stability gave rise to the GHW xclusive platform with additional innovative features to ensure that the community remains the best.
Therefore the PH and GH validation process on the GHW xclusive requires that members register a PH donation which would be validated through the 10% immediate matching in addition to other authentication tools. The matured GH and other bonuses accrued to a member who have completed the matched PH donation would be effectively delivered when due.
Note: All fresh and migrated accounts are required to complete the PH validation process explained above to be eligible for earning matured GH (fresh and migrated).

Repayment of existing GH
To reclaim your Outstanding GH, there are two options.

1. Wait to receive 10% of your outstanding matured GH amount once-a-month (source: members’ 10% PH commitment/insurance amount, and also members’ PH donations carried over from the Old System).
Eligibility: Members with zero PH default record.

2. Register a new PH on the GHW Xclusive system and upon maturity, you will receive the allotted regular bonuses attached to the fresh PH; and also additional part-payment of the your outstanding GH in the tune of 10% value of your current PH on the GHW Xclusive.

Outstanding GH from old platform = 500,000
Fresh/New PH on GHW Xclusive = 200,000
Matured GH on GHW Xclusive = 200,000 (investment) + 60,000 (30% yield bonus) + 20,000 [10% of new/fresh GHW Xclusive PH (200,000) which is subsequently debited from your outstanding GH of 500,000].

Eligibility: ALL members

Please note that both options will run together. However, members who have outstanding GH and choose option 2 stand a more guaranteed and better chance of earning their outstanding GH quicker (for obvious reasons of rewarding trusted and faithful members who remain committed to ensure the survival and growth of the GHW Xclusive community). In summary, to quickly receive your outstanding GH, you are encourage to play your part.
We wish to drive home the unrivalled empathy and commitment of the GHW Support Team. We clearly understand the difficulty encountered by our dear members who are still yet to receive their outstanding GH funds. For this reason all members individual PH minimum donation amount limit from the old platform has been removed. This gives members a fresh opportunity if registering new PH donations which they could afford, and gradually work their way up as they progress. Note* A considerably low general minimum PH limit apply.
We remain appreciative of our numerous members who have remained committed through this period of massive campaign by external forces to bring us down. Do not give up now. The GHW Admin is proactive, competent, sincere and well equipped to handle emanating challenges however, we need our members to work with us. We are a Team. Remember there are no central accounts. The integrity, continuity, growth, and prosperity of this community is all in your hands. Help us maintain our core objective; Nobody loses money in GHW.

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  1. You are an idiot by publishing everything you see on the road, who told you that GHW has crashed? Or you post rubbish all in the name of making money. Stupid hungry set of people.

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