Key points about Mutual Grant ponzi scheme


Mutual grant is one of the ponzi schemes in Nigeria. The promoters say it is a social financial community where people from all over the world come to donate money to each other and earn financial rewards for doing so after 30 days.

The program they say is not one of the world’s complex financial instruments such as bonds, shares, tenured deposits and other forms of investment.

‘The world is full of complex financial instruments such as bonds, shares, tenured deposits and other investment vehicles that are hard to understand but none of them makes an investor more money than a social financial community like mutual grant.

To further butress on the need why investors in ponzi scheme should consider Mutual Grant, its proponent claim ‘it was created by a group of financial analysts and philanthropists from around the world who understand the fundamentals of how money and how giving works and have spent years running the mutual grant community offline. The mutual grant financial team of experts have created a community that allows er members to make huge amount of money over a short period of time through mutual financial help

It is the hope of the creators of Mutual Grant that extreme poverty will be a thing of the past and if the world chooses to engage this social financial network more, every household and person in the world can live above poverty permanently.

For users who want to consider mutual grant, upon registration, you would be asked to provide help with a promise of getting 10% interest weekly which amounts to 40% in a month with a first time bonus of 60%. You literally double your money on your first donation!

While you are made up to invest in the scheme, perhaps you need to consider other meaningful investments and request that the promoters of Mutual grant explain what their business model is just to be clear.

Do not be deceived, it is nothing different from other schemes out there. Lets just say the name of the scheme is different from the others. It is not clear what nature of business the promoters of Mutual Grant are involved in, but in no time it will be extinct just like its predecessors.

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