Nerodesk 100% returns ponzi scheme review


Nerodesk Ponzi scheme just launched today march 22,2017 by 12pm promising 100% returns on investment.

The scheme uses the 2:1 matrix to pair its investors to provide help and get help from one another. Individuals who have gone ahead to register on its says the site does not look organised therefore it is dangerous to invest in it.

A witness to that Nerodesk does not have NGN5,ooo package and she can not risk her 10,000 because she has been advised by another ponzi expert that the site will go down in 1 hour because the admins are looking forward to use NGN200,000 they used in developing the site to make NGN2 million returns.

The promoters claims “NeroDesk provides a stable system where users have no fear of losing money and returns are guaranteed, coupled with a Fast matching time of a minimum of 3 days (guaranteed) where investments are doubled in a 2:1 matrix and Active fight against cyber beggars which aim to crash any successful system. Your Fastest Growing Peer To Peer Donation System Aiming To Eradicate Poverty From All Participants DONATE AND GET DOUBLE RETURN ON INVEST And Have Rest of Mind”.

The only people that will have rest of mind in this scheme are the admins because they will keeping merging every other participants to pay into their accounts and will refuse to recycle therefore putting thousands of people at loss. Another witness said these sites are mostly developed by ‘Shady of Jackobian’ and everyone should beware of them that they are all scammers.

Nerodesk offers different packages which includes NGN10,000 package, NGN20,000 package,NGN50,000 package and NGN100,000 package,under every of these packages are written different numbers of downliners meaning available participants waiting to be merges but it is all a facade.

“You will only lose your money to them and will not even get confirmed after your payment“, a Ponzi scheme analyst warned.

On the website is an address indicating that they are operating from the united states which is a lie because they are all Nigeria site developers defrauding innocent citizens with their talent and profession.

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