Bankzila 100% returns Ponzi Scheme review

Bankzila 100% returns Ponzi Scheme review

Bankzila is another Ponzi scheme that has just launched within the month of March.

The site has close similarities to Loopers Club, another Ponzi Scheme that has crashed and finally shut down its website to its investors.

A Ponzi Scheme analyst told that the close resemblance of Loopers Club former website and that of Bankzila might mean the site is owned by the same people.

True to their strategy, when a Ponzi scheme collapse, owners of these schemes do not just smile to the bank, they simply register another domain name. Because they sitting on a huge pile of cash that were stolen from their victims, they can hire some of the best programmers. However, they cannot fully cover their tracks.

Bankzila said on its website that it is a community “Ordinary people that have come together from different parts of the world to help each other grow financially”. This is a common mantra of most Ponzi schemes. There is no product and services that they render to their investors.

The scheme simply promise its investors 100% return on investment within 48 hours. This is also typical as Bankzila is not likely to last long compared to Loopers Club.

The bogus promise of that high RoI within two days is the first red flag for Bankzila. The risk of not getting out any money from the system is high as they are mostly called ‘hit and run’ schemes. All investors will lose 100% without getting a dime back as the website will be closed and owners will not be reachable.

Neither Twinkas nor Loopers Club has answered its investors who have lost hundreds of millions to both schemes.

The domain name was registered in February and there are no information as to who owns the scheme.

This is typical of such schemes. Those who invest money in them always end up holding the empty bag.

  • oge

    the wrath of God will fall upon them for deceiving people to invest their little cash with them. Especially the one calld that duped many & clashd. with loopersclub. it can not be well with them.

  • eze blessing ogadimma

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