Updated: Floral Investment 120% monthly returns Ponzi scam

Updated: Floral Investment 120% monthly returns Ponzi scam

Floral investment has carried out one of the largest investment recruitment campaign promising 120% return on investment in a month.

The promoters describe it as Trade and Investment Company “FLORAL INVESTMENT is a unique platform for those who want to invest in the flower business and raise money with us. You can become a part of our team right now from the comfort of your home”.

For a first timer on the website, you will find it very enticing to want invest in Floral investment because of the convincing materials on the site and various testimonials about the company.

Globally, Flowers are in high demand across America and European markets for social uses, household decorations and other uses, but the 120% RoI is too bogus for a company that invests in such business to promise.

However, investors who are overwhelmed by the ‘world class’ posture are likely oblivious to the very volatile nature of the flower market and how just one weather event can lead to massive losses to farmers and traders who have taken various bets on the prices of flowers in the international markets.

The promissory message on the website reads ‘Invest in flowers it is very profitable, we can guarantee the investors a 120% in a month. We do not sell virtual assets like forex, binary options. All funds are invested in real goods which selling all over the world.Annual sales of flowers reaches € 7.45 bln.An opportunity to enter into futures contracts for purchase of flowers attracts many buyers and sellers on the stock exchange, thus increasing the volume of trade transactions and stimulate the market. This market is not affected by the fall in energy prices, and the financial crisis!’.

There is empirical evidence about the business model of Floral Investments but there are many red flags about the same business model, its returns on investment promise and its opaque structure on how it arrived at its calculations.

Floral Investment will in medium and short term fail on its promised returns. The company is basically a pyramid scheme and the flower business is a mere cover up. Funds used to pay old investors are gotten from new investors.

Many investors and prospects of Floral Investment are oblivious to the fact that they can not withdraw their principal amount “It is impossible to withdraw the principal”

That part is hidden on the website and the caveat is not clearly displayed which makes the scheme a deceptive one.