Makenaira 300% returns Ponzi scheme review


Makenaira ponzi scheme is one out of many other schemes that promise 300% returns on investments by its participants in 15 days or less.

Investors are required to subscribe to various packages offered on the scheme and get help of the same amount when the system assigns another participant to provide help to them.

The promoters of the scheme say for anyone who wants exponential financial growth,should join and participate in the scheme. It is all a big lie because no ponzi scheme will give the kind of financial growth you want rather you will loose your money to the system. If the almighty MMM which was the most trusted and efficient ponzi scheme in 2016 can disappoint its participants ,how much more Makenaira which probably was developed to function for a month or two.

Makenaira offers different packages which are 10,000,20,000 and 30,000. This is how it works,upon registration on the website, an individual is merged to provide help of either of the packages to a fellow participant within 48 hours after which the participant confirms the payment, then the system has been programmed to assign you 3 other participants probably new registered to pay you your initial investment.

This trend continues and a few will benefit and the system stops merging due to lack of recycling of old investors who have been paid and that causes the cycle to break and the site will eventually become unavailable as the domain name might have been taken down.

Information and location of the administrators of this scheme are not known because the domain has been set to private therefore leaving its participants in the shadow. Investing in this scheme will not improve your finance but rather decapitate you.

Yesterday, Loopers Club, one of the largest Ponzi schemes in recent times finally shut down its website after failing to pay its investors who must have lost millions to the scheme

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