Total Nigeria spent NGN132 million on CSR in 2016


Total Oil Nigeria PLC has disclosed that it spent a total of 132 million on corporate social responsibility, CSR grants and donations for the financial year 2016.

The company made available the figure in its full year 2016 result. Beneficiaries includes schools, charities, non-governmental organisations and sundry groups.

The company said no donation was made to any political party during the year.

Total Oil is a subsidiary of Total S.A., based in Paris France with over 69% shareholding.

See full list below:

1 Ugogomeje Nursery & Primary School, Koko, Delta State. 20,000
2 Nigeria Business Coalition Against Aids Valentine‟s Day Campaign, Nationwide. 40,000
3 Archeological Mission in Nigeria (University of Ibadan), Oyo State. 64,000
4 Sponsorship of ICOBA annual event. 175,000
5 Nigerwives Braille book production centre, Lagos. 250,000
6 Christian Mission for the deaf, Oyo State. 250,000
7 The Care People Foundation, Oyo State. 250,000
8 Galilee Foundation, Oyo State. 250,000
9 Foundation for Hope in disability, Lagos State. 250,000
10 Wesley School For The Hearing Impaired, Lagos State. 250,000
11 Arrow of God Orphanage, Lagos State. 250,000
12 Compassionate Orphanage Home, Lagos State. 250,000
13 Madonna School For The Handicapped, Delta State 250,000
14 Heart Of Dorcas Children’s Center, Ekiti State. 250,000
15 Orphanage Of The Holy Spirit, Edo State. 250,000
16 Koko Primary Health Care Center, Delta State. 250,000
17 Holy Child Motherless Home, Enugu State. 250,000
18 Good Shepherd Foundation For Destitute Children, Rivers State. 250,000
19 Nigerian Redcross Motherless Babies Home, Enugu State. 250,000
20 Ministry Of Mercy Orphanages, Kogi State. 250,000
21 Fatherless & Motherless Children Aid Organization, Abuja. 250,000
22 TIVID Orphanage Home International, Benue State. 250,000
23 Joshua Generation Foundation And Youth Development, Plateau State 250,000
24 Grassroots Health Organization of Nigeria, Kano State. 250,000
25 Ikoyi Club 78th Anniversary donation, Lagos State 250,000
26 Sponsorship of ICSAN Annual Conference, Lagos State 300,000
27 NECCI Public Relations 15th Roundtable Sponsorship, Lagos State 350,000
28 Kakuri Vocational Training centre, Kaduna State. 400,000
29 Partnership Consultative Committees Delta, Kaduna and Lagos States. 435,000
30 FNCCI French Week sponsorship. 440,000
31 Paroche Foundation National Coverage (Based in Lagos State). 500,000
32 Small World National Coverage (Based in Lagos State). 507,000
33 Scholarship for Koko Indigenes, Delta State. 865,000
34 Awango Resellers SME Project (ARSMEP) Delta, Kaduna and Lagos States. 1,640,000
35 Job Shadow educational program Lagos and Kaduna States 2,249,652
36 Donation of long lasting insecticides Treated Mosquito Nets to Internally Displaced Persons, Abuja.2,800,000
37 Donation of 1,000 SK Eco solar lamps to Internally Displaced Persons, Abuja. 3,800,000
38 HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness campaign, Delta State. 5,054,080
39 Upgrade of Artillery Primary School Project, Kaduna State. 7,247,730
40 Ibafon School upgrade, Ibafon, Lagos State. 7,549,500
41 Safety Cubes Campaign for School Children in Schools in Kaduna, Kano, Oyo, Ogun, Edo and Rivers States. 10,900,000
42 SOS Children‟s Villages in Nigeria Corporate Sponsorship Abuja, Ogun and Lagos States. 14,028,790
43 Skills Acquisition Program for Youths, Delta and Kaduna States. 30,551,695
44 Africa Startupper Challenge in Nigeria Nation Wide 36,955,09

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