Nairaexpress pyramid scheme review


Nairaexpress is a pyramid scheme operating with 8:8 forced matrix payment structure. This is the first of its kind as most schemes use 3:1 matrix format.

Nairaexpreas promise 800% returns on NGN500 investment by its prospective investors. ”NairaXpress Platform adopts a 8×8 forced matrix to form a network of investors. Its super simple. Understand how the system works. With just a capital of ₦500(NGN), you would be amazed at how much Money you will make with time!”says the message on the website. ”says the message on the website.

With the kind of promise the system offers, it is obvious that it will not last for long because the first set of people that gets paid will never recycle leaving others at lost.

The promoters of the scheme claims they want to alleviate poverty for Nigerians forever.

Nairaexpress has different levels from level 1 to level 12.Level 1 is when you provide help of 500 to a fellow participant,the system assigns 8 other participant(downliners) to pay you 500 making a total of 4,000  after which you get qualified to the level 2 where you provide help of 1,000 and OT goes on till you get to level 12’You are expected to keep 3/4th of your earnings,and expected to pay 1/4 of your earnings to your upliner in least than 72 hours for you to be promoted to the next level or your account would be blocked. For instance, you are paid a total of ₦4,000 in level 1, you are expected to pay ₦1,000 to your upliner in order for you to

It may look very interesting and enticing for you to want go invest your money in the scheme but you will surely loose your money when the cycle breaks as it has happened to pyramid and Ponzi scheme of this sort. Pyramid scheme only works when the participants keep recycling and new members join every day.

Unfortunately, the fear of not wanting to loose will not make investors recycle or invite their friends and family to invest also.

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