Naira Propeller Ponzi scheme review


Naira Propeller says the scheme is for members; students in Nigeria and students abroad and it run in collaboration with other students with the aim of help them attain financial freedom, thereby achieving their dreams.

According to the information available on the site, members are required to pay a fixed amount of #10,000 within 24 hours max. to fellow members they are matched with at the stage of registration. Also, all participants are expected to introduce new members where they stand a chance to benefiting from the website exceptional compensation prices including 10% from every referrals money.

The participant will receive his/her money without referral but the website promised extra cash to be given immediately the person comes to join you? A user pays his money within 24hours of propelling Naira or gets blocked and deleted.Having multiple account is not allowed in this scheme and the user with the multiple account will be deleted and blocked immediately.

The promoter also said that the users of this scheme are also forced to write a testimonial within 72 hours of receiving donation or the member will be immediately terminated.

Naira Propeller also admitted that the scheme is to assist members to get donations and registration are attended to top priority issue to support. It is a time bomb destined to blow up sooner or later.

‘it has been established as a new and fast growing community; propel someone and get propelled! life goes on’. The scheme are with the mindset that “if we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; but if our wealth command us, we are poor indeed”

If only Naira Propeller can provide the list of corporate bodies and financial institutions it is collaborating with, perhaps that might help the course, otherwise it will be considered as nothing but a corporate lie as it is.

This scheme is no different from other ponzi scams out there, it is advisable to keep your money in a hole as the Naira will surely stop propelling.

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