Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar is the new CAF president

Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar has emerged as the new CAF president after being elected at the General Assembly on Thursday, 16th March 2017.

Ahmad garnered a total of 34 votes while Hayatout who was the incumbent was able to get 20 votes only.

Hayatou, has been in charge for nearly three decades, and has often been re-elected unopposed, but it was a different ball game this time as the African continent clamored for change.

The Cameroonian (Hayatou) also loses his FIFA position and his place on the body’s ruling council while Ahmad Ahmad becomes only the seventh president in the governing body’s 60-year history.

These were the words of Issa Hayatou at the General Assembly prior to the elections proper.

 Issa Hayatou addresses the attendees 

  • Hayatou: African football is developing at great rates, and we strive for more on all levels

  •  Hayatou: Results of the African youth confirms the dominance and superiority of the continent which must be continued
  •  Hayatou: We must increase the number of African teams in tournaments. Our results confirm that we deserve it
  •  Hayatou: We have supported club competitions which reached great heights, and we organize the CHAN to support the local scene
  • Hayatou: The future of African football must be decided by Africans

  • Hayatou: although we have 54 member associations, there are now only 2 offices

  • Hayatou: The funds allocated to dev’t projects are the same for all the member associations of FIFA, regardless of the continent
  • Hayatou: We have had no explanation on why reduced their offices in Africa
  • With your support, you members, we are sure of attaining this goal would be a commensurate expectation considering the level of development of our football, and what our continent represent within FIFA.
  •  Today we have good reasons to imagine that, in a World Cup format enlarged to 48, ten representatives for Africa 1/3

To us this means having an AFCON that is played every two years, at a climatically convenient time, in a format that makes. In a format that makes it possible for many countries to vy for its organisation. I urge African leaders to never sway from the path traced by the pioneers of the pan-African movement,whose memory I pay homage to.”