How trustworthy is Trustfund ponzi scheme


Seems no one wants to be left out of the ponzi scheme, Trustfund has just launched into the market hoping to find members who ‘provide and get help’ from one another until the cycle breaks as usual.

Realistically, no ponzi scheme lasts for too long and there is clearly no guarantee that Trustfund would but it’s promoters claim ‘it is a community of good minded individuals built to foster friendship amongst people via the provision of financial aid to other who are in need of it.’

As usual an investor is expected to pay another individual participant within the community and earn 100% interest on investment withi 1-5 days as stated on the website.  While a participant pays another, system matches with other participants willing to to provide you with help as well when once your donation has been certified true and confirmed by the receipient.

Trustfund has several packages where you donate a certain sum and expect return. There is NGN2000 package, NGN5000, NGN10000, NGN20000, NGN50000 and NGN100000 packages.

On the site, you are greeted by an image of Europeans seated in a conference which is certainly not pictures of financiers of the scheme. Trustfund has not declared any business it trades in but promises a bogus 100% ROI.

It is also important to state that Trustfund has no affiliation with Trust Fund Pensions, hence no one should get it twisted unless both companies confirm otherwise.

Although it costs nothing be involved in the scheme at first, but it might cost you eventually as soon as the cycle breaks just like other ponzi which is why they want investors to announce the program to friends and families as referral bonus is also a promise on the side.

The word for the now is ‘ word is enough for the wise.’

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