Nigeria leads Africa with 40% of DSTV’s 11 million subscribers

Kevin Arrix

Naspers Limited’s payTV and entertainment unit, DSTV has disclosed that it has it has a total of 11 million subscribers across Africa.

The disclosure was released to media experts across Africa to promote DSTV’s media and sales offerings to advertising and media agencies.

DSTV’s subscriber base grew by 8% year on year from 10,2 million to the current figure. Nigeria leads its African footprint with 40% of the total subscriber base. By implication, DSTV and GoTV put together have 4.4 million subscribers in Nigeria.

Out of the 11 million subscriber base, GoTV, DSTV’s extended subsidiary catering for the entry level payTV market seems to be growing slowly than expected. The unit was reported to have a total of 2.5 million subscribers across 11 countries in Africa.

The strength of its Southern African unit has further wane with 22% of the total market share of the company. It is also an indication that the market is getting saturated. DSTV has also gone ahead to launch ShowMax, an on-demand video streaming platform created to compete with Netflix and other video streaming sites.

Other major markets for DSTV in Africa are East Africa with 16% and Portuguese Africa with 19% of the total subscriber base. West African countries apart from Nigeria has just 3% of the company’s market share.

One of the visible pattern in the data is that DSTV’s market share of the payTV market in Africa is facing intense competition across West Africa (including) Nigeria, East Africa and Portuguese Africa.

Nigeria is the biggest TV market in Nigeria which according to DSTV has 13 million TV households and 3 million payTV household. However, a similar data released by the National Broadcasting Commission, the regulatory body in Nigeria said that there are about 37.2 million TV household in Nigeria as at 2015.

China’s StarTimes is the biggest competitor to DSTV in West and East Africa. DSTV is owned by Naspers Limited. The company is quoted on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, JSE.