1goalfunding Ponzi scam will not return your investment


1goalfunding is a 2:1 matrix ponzi scheme promises 200% compensation on investment to its prospective investors within 3 days.

After investors ‘provide help’ choosing one of the packages within 24hours, s/he is promised 200% returns after being merged by two other investors to pay the same amount he provided help with.

The developers of the scheme described themselves as ”Our team is made up of intelligent and responsible people who are ready to work and satisfy our clients. We are dedicated to giving good quality jobs with great efficiency and timely delivery.Our team is made up of professional graphic designers with artistic ideas. Contact us for your vehicle, clothe, and office branding.”

1goalfunding paying and working method works as thus;”1goalfunding.online is an online cooperative scheme for helping and getting help from others. Get 200% Compensation of whatever you invest. i.e, two persons will be merged to pay one person. For example, if you lend User A money you will get paid by User B and C within 72 hours. You can earn as much as you want if you keep Recycling the process of lending(helping) people. You can earn N200,000 in less than a month, and in three months, you could be a millionaire. No need for referrals(recruiting), but referring people makes your earning faster. Cooperative scheme has helped students, youths, adults, business men and women in our society, and its now easier online. No need for upgrade, upgrading to other package(s) is a matter of choice. You can upgrade or downgrade to any package you want”.

The packages offer on the system varies from NGN2500, NGN5000, NGN10000, NGN20000, and NGN50000.”There are five packages in this cooperative scheme, you can select any package suitable for you during registration. Each packages works the same way but different in amount. The start up fee for package 1 is N2500.00, package 2 is N5000.00, package 3 is N10000.00, package 4 is N20000.00, and package 5 is N50000.00. You will earn as much as you can if you keep renewing(recycling) the package you choose after getting paid by two persons.”says the message on the website.

The details of the activities and development of the scheme has been set to private which makes it impossible for anyone to know when it will collapse or the location of the administrators.As every other ponzi scheme is not legalised by the government and authorities, so is the safety of your investment in 1goalfunding is not safe and secured.

1goalfunding is a typical Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse. Owners of the scheme are compliant with their community’s playbook. Hide your identities and promise huge returns to get investors to put in money.

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