Tetrismart Ponzi scam will play away your money

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Tetrismart ponzi scam operates with the provide help and get help module operandi.

As with many other schemes, the owners of the scheme adopted the 2:1 matrix paying system.

Investors are promised a minimum of 200% returns on investment by its prospective investors in 48 hours or less.

Tetrismart is defined by its owners as ” a global networking organization that aids its member to donate to one another and enhance the living standard of the members and the community at large. No referrer link required and registration is free. TETRISMART is geared towards creating a financially independent atmosphere for serious minded participants.”

After investors signing up, they are required “login to update your bank details and choose a package you want to make donations towards. Please Note that you are matched immediately to make Payment. So if you dont have money, Please don’t sign up for any package”.

Investors are to invest the following amount in the scheme: NGN10,000 , NGN20,000, NGN40,000 and NGN100,000 . Guess what you can active more than one package in one account.

There is no miracle on the operations of Tetrismart rather than the usual method of paying one investor with another person’s investment until there are no more new investors and the old ones refuse to recycle then the system eventually collapse.

As a typical Ponzi, owners of Tetrismart have hidden their identities. Their is no proof as to how they will make the huge returns on investment.

The domain name was registered on the 7th of February, 2017. There are no details about names of people behind it. This scheme is not just illegal, but a pure scam perpetrated using the anonymity of the Internet.

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  1. I referred ten people in tetrismart and also used my two son’s link to refer 17 people. I ph of 100,000 I want to know what is happening. I am in the dark. The people I referred are on my neck that I deceived them. What next.

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