Cycle2z ponzi scam is not a sure circle


What shall it profit you to invest in Cycle2z , you will find out as you take time to read about the ponzi scheme in the next few line.

CYCLE2Z says the scheme is run in collaboration with cooperate bodies and few financial institution who are investing into the system with aim of providing financial help.

The scheme promises a pay out time of 24hours or maximum of 7-days. According to the information available on the site, investors are required to provide help upon registration with hope of receiving double the amount at the given period.

The promoters boasts of ‘the best’ Financial management Gurus who have the interest of investors at heart and also participate in the scheme.

Cyclesz also admitted that with more money in the scheme, investors will payout without stress, but the obvious reality is that it will never happen. It is a time bomb destined to blow up sooner or later.

‘it has been established that With more Fund in the system People will get 100% Satisfaction.’

In a bid to further attract individuals who are looking for where to ‘lose’ their money, Cyzle2z posed this message to paint the scheme as a better version of other ponzi which in itself does not make sense.

‘Considering the problems of past schemes that failed, We are collaborating with Investors Who are paying into the system to make it stay and work for everybody. it should be NOTED that the Admin and Support are normal participants in the system, hence working round the clock to make sure no one looses any money.

If only Cycle2z can provide the list of corporate bodies and financial institutions it is collaborating with, perhaps that might help the course, otherwise it will be considered as nothing but a corporate lie as it is. This scheme is no different from other ponzi scams out there, it is advisable to keep your money under your pillow as they cycle will sure break.

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