Stay away from Bountifulcash Ponzi scam


Bountifulcash is another traditional provide help and get help ponzi scam.

Its promoters claimed it is a vision carved out of a burning passion for the actualization of the dreams of young entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Participants in the scheme for instance invest NGN10,000 with hopes of getting double the amount. Sounds familiar? Yes.

It further claims to have a ‘dream of helping and empowering small start-ups and small business owners, giving hope to young and promising individuals, stirring the sleeping giant in people who have lost hope, assisting people financially and developing participants towards self-actualization.’

To also add, there is a claim that the platform was set up for people and participants, who are resolute and ready to make it in their endeavours, to easily raise capital for their small businesses or start-ups without necessarily applying for so called ‘loans’ in banks . And this can be achieved through leveraging and a peer to peer automated community like this.

Okay, let’s examine all these claims by founders of Bountifulcash. How on earth will this be a safe haven for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their business. How can you advise an individual to invest in a Ponzi scheme with hope of raising funds to finance business?

Bountifulcash should not be taken serious! Their burning passion is to help you lose money by matching members to individuals who may be administrators of the site. The payment process they say has been programmed to operate on auto pairing system. Don’t be deceived with the word ‘system’, all ponzi sites have administrators who control who gets what, no system dos anything!

Knowing fully well that Nigerians are religious, the promoters of Bountifulcash have decided to use the ‘God ‘factor’ as the catch which is very funny. Citing from the information available on the site ‘Until you hold a strong picture of the dream life you want to live or achieve and start acting like you’ve got it already (or you’re living it already), you may not achieve it. Vision is a precious gift from God and when acted upon, though it tarries, it must be fulfilled. 

If your vision in life is hinged on ponzi scam, you may have to go back to sleep and wake up again with a new dream as Bountifulcash will never help your vision in life but render you cashless soon.

The domain name was just registered on the 4th of March, 2017. There are no guarantee that this Ponzi scheme will last long just like other scams that have collapsed in the past three months.

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