Another proof that Twinkas ponzi scam has collpased


More than two weeks after it collapsed, Twinkas Ponzi scam is not talking to its angry investors.

Instead of placating them, some individuals with links to the scheme are now threatening investors that they could lose all their investments while still denying that the scheme is still active.

The message below is comment by a Twinkas top promoter reprimanding an angry investor who commented on

You can write all you like to write of nothing you have no knowledge about. People are being paid already and some are already giving testimonies here for your notice. But that means nothing to you. Everyone cant be paid at once. Be patient until you get paid if you are expecting. Encourage others to join as you did before.

And just for those those are causing panic as the number of waiting days has past the usual number of days we were used to. If any of you tried to register during the 17th to about the 20th of february, you would have noticed that twinkas prevented people from registering on some packages. Particularly the Ultimate package (50K). I knew this because I tried for days to register under this package then. The days may have been longer but I dont know as I know of only when i tried to sign up. Their reason simply was to direct people to sign up on the classic package (5K) which people were no longer interested in. To me amd most others then, there was no additional benefit for doing the 5k package unlike now that you know that it will increase your e-wallet value which is something new. So tell me now, if people could not sign up on those days, which people were going to pay those expecting to be paid during those days? Its such a simple thing to reason on. These caused the delay of those that registered on the 8th, 9th and beyond from getting paid when due and thus a backlog. If twinkas admin were fraudulent, it wont take them anything to be merging people to themselves rather than preventing them from registering until they register on the classic package so that those on the lower packages can also benefit. Haba! We know most ponzi schemes out there are fraudulent but lets reason this thing in another light. The light I have pointed out to you.

On seeing the effect they quickly reversed that policy and allowed normal registrations. That grossly affected the payment times. So lets not use emotions and anger to ruin what is working just because we think we can write an article.

Right now the system is running good and payment is picking up gradually. Just wait until it gets to your turn, Take time to read the texts on twinkas page and not just any article from someone who in the first place never wished good things to happen.

Twinkas is here for good.

Twinkas has gained huge popularity after the crash of MMM Nigeria. The site is now the 8th most visited site in Nigeria within three months of its existence.

The owners of the scam claim they now have over 2 million investors. The extent of the loss to Twinkas will be humongous bearing in mind that MMM Nigeria had about 3 million investors before it collapsed last December.