Investing in NetElites ponzi scam is a smart way to lose money

Investing in NetElites ponzi scam is a smart way to lose money

Okay, we have heard about many ponzi sites, here is NetElites an online donation network that connects individual investors to one another in the name of ‘help’.

Based on the information put out by the promoters, they claim its aim is to empower and improve on individual standard of living.

Basically, just like every other ponzi scheme, participants make a donation to another participant and also get donations from two other participants based on the package selected. Despite claims by the promoters that the system is designed based on latest technology with peer to peer concept, its modus operandi has shown that it is same of the same.

Participating in In NetElites, ‘you donate according to package (Sapphire – 10000, Diamond – 50000, and Elite – 100000) selected when signing up and make 200% within 7 days or less. It sounds like magic, this is how it works’. These guyz are also aware that these things don’t make any sense, they are simply not elites!

As they always say, after making your donation, the system will automatically pair u with 2 people to pay you same amount donated each. Now imagine if the system does not mact you with anyone, or the fellow matched to pay you insists on not going further with they system, what then becomes of your investments? Think about this points.

‘Can you now see you don’t have to work hard to make money, all you need is to be smart by joining NetElites Platform. No referral, with one account or multiple accounts you achieve all you want.’

You can easily discern that NetElits are nothing but scammers. How can some you buy the idea that you do not have to work hard to make money? Have you seen any billionaire in this world who did not work for their earnings?

No serious individual who wants to make it in life should follow thise train, it is one bound to crash sooner or later. Many have lost and many are still losing hard earned money to ponzi sites like NetElites. Be smart!