investing in Ogafunds ponzi scheme is risky


Ogafunds is a ponzi scheme launched on the 7th of March 2017 with a promise of 100% returns on investment in hours but the exact duration was not specified which area the scheme a suspect of fraudulent operations.

In most cases, investors known as ogafunders wait endlessly and never know when they will get returns.

The welcome message on the website reads ”We are a team of site developers focused on redistribution of wealth through member to member type of banking. Our goal is to awaken the spirit of generosity and our vision is to eradicate the actions and inactions of solipsism. Our platform has been built to withstand any type of cyber attack. There are no rooms for cyber beggars and cyber bullies. We call on you to join us in our banking hall without fears. Our site is very easy to access on any browser. We are one of a kind and you will find this out when you become a OgaFunder.”

Ogafunds offers different packages, Diamond package where a participant provide help of 5,000 and get 10,000 returns, platinum package you invest NGN10,000 to get NGN20,000 in returns, Bronze package you invest NGN25,000 and get NGN50,000 returns,emeral package you invest NGN50,000 and get NGN100,000 returns, silver package you invest NGN100,000 and get NGN200,ooo returns, and the is the Gold package you provide help of NGN200,000 and get NGN400,000 returns.

The scheme is proposed to last for a few years, which can not be guaranteed that it can last for even months because the details of the longevity has been set to private. “We can make ogafunds last for years and this can always be done by inviting people over to bank with us. You are solely responsible for your loss and your gain. So bank only with your spare money.  We are here to make you feel better “. says the warning note on the website.

There is no difference between the operation of ogafunds and other ponzi schemes who have defrauded people of their hard earned money and shut down the website abruptly leaving all investors stranded.

On the website are automated testimonies from there supposed beneficiaries, which is usually a message to lure newcomers.

18 thoughts on “investing in Ogafunds ponzi scheme is risky

  1. Kai blackmailing dis ogafund dat came Frm nowher nd finished me wiv bank alert…U hv no Ryt to term a scheme scam unless u hv a proof…U shud know it a a queuing site wen pple join nd pay pple get paid nd leave…wen I join I Ws jus number 31 within jus 20mins I Ws paid Wich is genuine for a new site Der Ws Nufin lik moving ur number dent nd bck or staying long in a queue also user, number nd amt of payment Ws jus few unlik some other queuing site I joined nd u Wil open Al packages to see u r jus paying to one person Bt don’t see Anyfin lik dat in ogafunds. So dis ur univestigated harsh tag wnt hlp pple on d queue….Pls ogafund is paying ignore dat babe….a site dat made me smile altruistic wnt accept dat….

  2. Go to cashburster nd dubpays same queuing site dat launched jus yesterday nd today I Ws present during Der launching tym as same wiv ogafund den u Wil know wot scam real is….Jus within before launching already had users nd people that hv paid den win launched u Wil b pay in to one person nd jus within 1hour of launching platform is dead nd nobody got paid…I fink I wnt see those ones to write abt cos Dey at jus Nufin to write abt…

  3. The queue is even moving fast. Guys lets storm ogafunds so it moves even faster. More than 100 people have been paid under 24hours. I am not an admin

  4. I did ogafunds since on wednesday morning around 5:25am and the person i paid to told me he did his the day before that is Tuesday around 1.00pm. I was hoping that i will get the money within the week but up till now they haven’t paid me. One thing i observe about all this ponzi scheme website is that when the start up newly the will pay fast to attract people, when people come they make them pay into their account instead, close down, move to open another one and continue with same process. Now we are confused and feel discouraged; Because all of them are almost doing the same thing…

    1. Tianjin it’s even terrible that some don’t even pay at all hv fallen victim lik 4 times…Ws on d site during d count down Ws among first set that paid…my dear yet Nufin for me day is called greed nd wickedness…some of d admins are jus too greedy…

  5. Is there any free service in this world??
    These smooth operators come around, daily dishing out their time & mental energies to d cyclic schematic coordination of yr funds, & no one ever cared to ask how they themselves manage to profit??
    Oh! come oooonnnnn,,,

  6. is a big time fake site, my people please beware of that site. I pH since on the 8th of this month uptill date ve be match anybody to pay me. Run for your life on!!!!!!!

  7. is a Big FAKE!! I PH since on the 9th of this month, up til now, nothing has happened! The queue keeps climbing up and down!! They are ndi oshii

  8. oga funds is a scammer pls beware the queue is not moving at all. they are thieves. God will expose them very soon.

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