Topcash ponzi scheme will render you cashless

TopCash, might seem like a good plan to improve your financial status. But it is just another ponzi scheme like other investment programs out there.

Promoters of Topcash say it was developed by a group of individuals who have sacrificed their time and effort to help feed people during this global economic recession in the country.

Well, it is easy to put the words out there and claim to be the messiah that wants to take Nigerians out of recession. They  often advertised their ridiculous offers with claims of daily payouts either on daily basis or weekly.

With these kind of programs, it is a rob Peter to pay Paul style which  are destined to fail and sooner or later always will.

A few people are able to make money from these programs who get in early however it’s very unethical because these people make money from other people losing money.

Consequently, newbies will not signup and new deposits slow down which will eventually lead to the imminent collapse of the ponzi scheme. Investors will then be left stranded waiting endlessly  to cash out which will never happen.

The surprising aspect is that many Nigerians have remained unrepentant as some are seen trooping to these various ponzi sites like Topcash, but, hopefully they will learn someday. A word is enough for the wise.

It could be recalled that Naracle, one of the various Ponzi Schemes collapsed without any message to its investors. The collapse of a scheme like this will be unannounced as it will happen like a thief in the night just like its predecessor MMM left its investors stranded.

The claims of the promoters of TopCash that they are interested in helping you become financially buoyant will eventually become an unfortunate or sorry story in the coming days.