Nairalift is a ponzi scam with empty promises


The plan of using new investments to pay existing investors is what Nairalift and many other ponzi promoters have devised in the face of economic recession.

Nairalift claims to be a life changing platform with a promise of making its members become millionaires with a thousand naira.

If this assertion makes sense is one thing while the genuineness is another.

Promoters of Nairalift say ‘the platform was created for genius who understand the concept of chain reaction. One thousand naira in a solution of healthy economy can be uplifted to one million naira.’

This scheme will certainly stress you. Its investors are encouraged to share the link and promote the program just so newbies can invest in the business and the old folks can get paid. ‘You have the option to relax or speed up your stage 0 by inviting friends through your referral link. You can share them on social media or with family and friends.
NOTE: You will benefit from other members when there is spillover. This means when a sponsor downliners are completed, any referral(spillover will be roll to other members. But you don”t want any delay, so you should speed up by sharing your link.

It is modeled like a multi-level-marketing but the scam is nothing is being sold, neither is their a specific business it identified with. Why then choose this kind of investment? Although it sound like a NGN1000 is a small amount to start with, here is the thing, once you get in with your fund, you are in for a big time stress and you are forced to incest some more cash the system.

Here is what Nairalift will put you through after registering on the platform:
At first you are required to donate one thousand naira to your upline. After confirmation, you will be upgraded to stage 1 and eligible to receive one thousand naira from four other members
Stage 1: After receiving donations from your four downline, you will be match with an annonymous upline to make a donation of two thousand naira, thereafter upgrade to stage 2
Stage 2: you get N8,000 and donate N4,000
Stage 3: you get N16,000 and donate N8,000
Stage 4: you get N32,000 and donate N16,000
Stage 5: you get N64,000 and donate N32,000
Stage 6: you get N128,000 and donate N64,000
Stage 7: you get N256,000 and donate N128,000
Stage 8: you get N512,000 and donate N256,000
Stage 9: you get N1,024,000 

This is just another lie that will land many into debts as soon as investors come to realize that it is a waste of energy and precious time to chase and try to convince newbies to join the scheme.

It was observed that the site does not have social platform where it can engage it members, hence it makes it difficult to put a face to such a platform that promises to make you a millionaire. Plus, the social media icons on the site lead to an error page, you can find out.

Avoid losing your money to ponzi schemes as much as you can, they cannot lift your finance, they would rather leave you worst than they met you.