Here is Pairme Ponzi scam, a really perfect scam

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Here comes another perfect scam. Pairme Ponzi scheme is possible owned by people who are familiar with Get Help Worldwide.

In one of the popular Ponzi scheme chat rooms, one of the owners or top promoters of Pairme is seen canvassing for investors while at the same time demarketing and marketing Get Help Worldwide at the same time.

A Ponzi scheme analyst told that Pairme is owned by some of the top affiliates of Get Help Worldwide in Nigeria.

A search into the geographic traffic source of the scheme shows that 99.2% of traffic to the site comes from Nigeria. A look into its domain details shows that the website was registered in the middle of January, 2016.

Owners of the scheme have also hidden their identities in the usual religion of Ponzi scheme perpetrators. Should the scam finally collapse, there will be no trace to them.

Investors are promised over 50% returns on investment within 30 days. While Pairme had a warning site saying:

“PairMe is not a bank, PairMe does not collect your money, PairMe is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. There are no guarantees . There is no Central Account where all the System money flows into. All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves”.

There are several Ponzi schemes in Nigeria. After the crash of MMM Nigeria scam, other schemes have surfaced claiming to outdo one another. Twinkas Ponzi scam, a larger scheme has since collapsed refusing to pay its investors who have staked a minimum of NGN10,000 and NGN50,000 in the scheme. There are no faces behing Twinkas and it will be hard for investors to get their monies back.

Other schemes have collapsed as well making away with millions of Naira (NGN). Loopers Club, another scam with many investors has collapsed dashing the hopes of its investors.