You will lose triple with Kash Doubler Ponzi scam


Kash Doubler is a pyramid ponzi scam using the provide help and get help mode of operation.

Potential investors are lobbied to provide help of a certain among and wait for a week or less to get double of their investments. ”Empowering Nigerians for Financial Freedom

Kash Doubler, Promises to give X2 your investment in less than 1 week. Sometimes you get matched within 24 hours” the message on the platform says.

The mode of operation of Kash doubler seems a bit different from other ponzi scheme with the activation key introduced to it.This is how it works:”Register an account with our System today.Wait for the system to match you with someone you are to pay.Wait for your account to get activated by our system.After activation. Relax and let the system match people to pay you.”

The administrators of Kash doubler are out to fatten their bank accounts with the huge packages offered to its prospective investors from the Normal package which is invest NGN10,000 to receive NGN20,000 in return ,Bronze which is to invest NGN20,000 to get NGN40,000,Silver which is to invest NGN50,000 to get NGN100,000 in return, Gold which is to invest NGN100,000 to get 200,000,Diamond which is to invest NGN200,000 to get NGN400,00 in return and the highest is the Ultimate which is to invest NGN300,000 to get NGN600,000 in return.

The disclaimer notice on the site reads:”YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO INVEST ONLY YOUR SPARE MONEY. WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS.” which should stand as enough convincing facts for anyone not to invest their money in this scheme a it is another scam in disguise.

On the website are  automated testimonies from 3 supposed participants in order to convince its prospective investors to invest their hard earned money.

There is no doubt that Kash Doubler is not different from many scams that pervades Nigeria’s Internet space. The domain name has been set to private to protect the identities of its owners.

The site was registered on the 28th of February, 2016. Owners of the scheme were seen using anonymous identities to canvassing investors in Ponzi scheme sites.

In the end, owners of this type of schemes will always have the last laugh. The collapse of MMM Nigeria scam is a good enough lesson for those who have lost huge amount of monies to these scams.

3 thoughts on “You will lose triple with Kash Doubler Ponzi scam

  1. is a good site to invest on,have been paid 4 times now So you can invest on it most Nigerian believe that everything is a scam, is not a scam site so my people go and invest on time and make more money to your bank account

  2. Kashdoubler as paid me often times, so i really don’t know what you are talking about here.

    The fact that MMM failed does not mean, all the rest won’t stand!

  3. Kash doubler is a scam for real.I was given two downlines with two different profiles but same phone number and after the 12 hours grace there was no word from them I tried calling the number but it was switched off. Its been a week and two days now and my account is still having those two names as my downline even after I purged them. Have been sending mails to the admin but till now no positive feeback.

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