Paylords Ponzi scam will have no mercy on you

Paylords Ponzi scam will have no mercy on you

Your first view of Paylords ponzi scam website is a huge pile of cash stacked over.

You are welcome to the world of Ponzi scheme that is making Nigerians go ‘haywire’. Owners of Paylords promise their investors up to 200% on their investment “within 5 minutes to 15 days maximum platform”.

There is no information on the website as to who owns and run Paylords Ponzi scheme. The domain name was registered on the 26-feb-2017.

To hide their identities, owners of the domain have set the registration details to private. They described themselves as

“A team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who decided to overcome the routine and unfair world’s financial system by creating a donation exchange platform that would enable participants help each other financially in times of need thereby bypassing the rigorous and tedious world order put in place by the financial institutions such that each member has access to funds when required without hassles”.

A review of this corporate CV shows that their pitch is no different from numerous other scams that have rendered many penniless.

There various red flags on the site. For a scheme that registered its domain last week, there is no doubt that it has not started gathering steam. However, owners of the scheme are already claiming they have paid our over NGN1,2 billion to their phantom investors.

There are no products and or services rendered by Paylords. Instead, investors are invited to invesr a minimum of NGN20,000 and a maximum of NGN200,000 to get the 200% returns on investment within five minutes.

As a clear case of Ponzi scam, it is not registered with any financial services regulator. There are no guarantee that you will get your money back from this scheme.

There are already over 100 active and collapsing Ponzi scams in Nigeria. However, more are planned to come so far as their are people willing to risk their funds.

In the end, you will lose your monies to owners of Paylords who will never be found.