Loversdonor Ponzi scam will break your heart


There is nothing new about loversdonor, it is another Ponzi scam in town with the same model as the predecessors.

According to the information available on the site, When you Join, you will need to donate to a fellow investor assigned by the system, once payment is confirmed the system merges you to two other members who will donate to you in return.

Apparently, it is nothing different from the rest, rob peter to pay pay is the whole idea.

Under its frequestly asked questions, loversdonor promoters say the scheme ‘does not go against any law whatsoever because giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems. 

As real as the above citation claims, the fact is that you are giving money to who you do not know from Adam, no registered business or business model. So then arises the question of how the interest investors get come about.

It is clear that it is just a system peering people to pay other people. And the danger in this is that when some investors get paid from the scheme, they disappear into the thin air and never return as they have been gifted their own share of the cake. These individuals may be the promoters of the scheme who disguise as real people.

There is no gain in any ponzi scheme, what you can have is sure loss! That is a certainty as soon as investors who wake up to the realization that they have been sending funds to fake participants’ accounts selected by promoters of the scheme.

Loversdonor has no love for you, the promoters are only interested in your money.



1 thought on “Loversdonor Ponzi scam will break your heart

  1. Fellow Nigerians, here is another one.

    Won’t you guys join, this one is new and you know what that means, the earlier the better.

    Now, these scammers have devised a new method. Most of them do not pay any outsider anymore. This is not a matter of paying one in a thousand people. Now when you register, they match you to pay their people and then tell you to wait for a maximum of 1 week. But to get matched quicker, just refer 1 person and you will be paid within 48 hours.
    As greedy as people are, they will register on the highest package and introduce another member who happens to be their brother/sister and then sit back and expect to reap where they did not sow. Their reasoning will be that if they are not paid, their referral (who happens to have invested with their money) will be paid, thus making them to break even.

    After one week, we hear the usual stories — site maintenance, upgrade or invalid username/password.

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