Stay away from Unlimited Fold ponzi scheme


Unlimited fold is a 3:1 forced matrix Ponzi Scheme.

In the words of its owners, it was created with the sole intention of helping people fund their short term projects in the best way possible through donations from other users.” says the message on the website.

Unlimited fold is a new ponzi scheme gaining grounds with its huge promises of 200% return on every investment its prospective investors make to one another. It is no news that it is just following the trend its predecessor started which is the ‘provide help’ and ‘get help’ format.

However, the scheme claimed it was organised to accommodate all level of investors no matter their category with different packages ranging from NGN5,000 which is the classic package to earn NGN15,000 within 48 hours and the highest of the packages is NGN50,000 which is labelled the executive package to earn NGN150,000 within 48 hours also.

Some of the promoters of Unlimited fold are seen on various Ponzi Scheme chat rooms and forums pitching to visitors on the advantage of investing in the scheme and also sending out links to invite people.

The big question that comes to mind each time these schemes are created is that, who did the first person you are paying to paid to? And what guarantees you that they will invest back in the scheme after receiving your payment?. Well that’s why its called a pyramid scheme, they just wait on new investors to pay the old ones until they can no longer control the system and it will eventually collapse.

However, to burst your bubble in case you are already sold out, Unlimited fold is just a Ponzi scam and you are likely to be among the 90% who always lose money when scams like this crash or they are simply taken down by their owners.

The collapse of a scheme like this will be unannounced, an analyst warned. Scam Adviser rate the site as a high risk site that people should keep away from.

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  1. I paid 10k into unlimitedfold saturday last week and up still now there’s no body paired to me. I don enter one chance?

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