Nairabill Ponzi scam cannot help pay your bills


Nairabill is one of the newest peer-to-peer ponzi scams in town claiming to be a non-profit organization providing financial support to the needy.

In the words of the promoters, Nairabill is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides services, resources, education, training and information to people who are in need of support and to people who are seeking volunteer opportunities in our community.

According to the information available on the website, participants are known as ‘traders’. ‘The trader then types amount he or she is willing to trade with and clicks on ‘submit’ the Trader makes the payment on the banking details or wallet address of the order. For Bitcoins the system confirms via hash but for banks the trader must attach proof of payment.When the transaction is confirmed the trader is added on the payout queue.You can Request for help immediately. Full interest growth occurs after PH is fulfilled.’

It also promises referral Bonus whereby participants, earn about 5% Bonus for introducing new members to the program.

Nothing out-rightly different from other ponzi programmes as they all preach the same message.  Furthermore, in a bid to retain its participants, Nairabill encourages what it calls re-commitment which must be done 2 days after withdrawal or be suspended temporary.

With the proliferation of ponzi websites in Nigeria, one may lose count while attempting to get the total number of ponzi schemes in operation at the moment as new sites are launched on daily basis. Perpetrators are also scared of losing their members to other ponzi sites, hence devising desperate measures to make participants committed.

There is no gain in any ponzi scheme, what you can have is sure loss! That is a certainty as soon as investors who wake up to the realization that they have been sending funds to fake participants’ accounts selected by promoters of the scheme.

You cannot pay your bills by participating in ponzi programmes such as Nairabill, you will only lose your hard earned money when the sun sets.

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