Investors of Bigbankalert Ponzi scam cry out

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Investors in the Bigbankalert ponzi scam have cried for help following their inability to cash out of the system.

In an email sent to on behalf of many who have been defrauded, the group of investors said since they invested in the scheme on 8th and 9th February, they have not been matched to receive their payments.

The message reads:

Please your attention and writing based upon investigation will be highly appreciated on this PONZI SCHEME website…Bigbankalert. com.

Personally, our group registered about 16 sixteen different accounts with them between 8th/9th of February together with counties number of others, which were match with their partners in crime, we have details of everyone we paid to, now to our surprise none of our accounts were rematch to get our money back.

Now if someone try to registered on their site, will be match to pay money to someone they already arrange somewhere, why all others that have paid before were left to rue their luck.

The activities of site like this should not be allow to continue without notify the public, hence a lot of damage would have been done.

Please bring this to the notice of all.

Interestingly, the message that greets you on the ponzi site is the lyrics of Bank Alert, one of P-square’s recent track which it uses to cajole participants in the scheme.

What many participants in ponzi schemes have failed to realize is that this kind of alert will not help investors but only compound your problem. Many have been scammed in recent time in one ponzi scheme or the other without being able to recover the funds they invested in the program.

Bigbankalert in its terms and condition, has this selfish message stating ”….You have read and understood that “Spamming” and or cross recruiting meaning contacting other participants in an attempt to promote ANY other opportunity to ANY fellow BigBankAlert participant is grounds for “Immediate” account suspension which disqualifies you from receiving spill over, new sign-ups as well as donations.”

Anyone reading between the lines will understand that this is a greedy scheme that wants to not only defraud its participants but also be the sole merchant. You will never receive a any alert from Bigbankalert, a word is enough for the wise.

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