Googlenaira is Ponzi scam hiding under Google


Don’t get it twisted,  Googlenaira has no affiliation with Google, it is one of those Ponzi scams being promoted on the internet and social media.

GoogleNaira claims it you a a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who need help to those who are ready to provide help.

This is the usual modus operandi of ponzi schemes. Participants upon registration are encouraged to provide help and in return receive a certain amount as interest on their investment when it is time to receive help.

Googlenaira also promises return on investment will be on before minimum 24hrs Maximum 48hrs, a tune of 400% of the money donated into the scheme. Practically, each participants provides help of NGN20,000 and get help of NGN80,000 from four (4) users Which means each user will provide help of NGN20,000 to the recipient. Juicy right?

Firstly, why the choice of the name Googlenaira? It is clear that the promoters of the scheme wants to pull crowd to its site by associating with a brand such as ‘Google’, an American technology company thriving in all fronts.

This will definitely not go well in the coming days as soon as the American company (Google) takes the matter seriously against Googlenaira that wants to bring its name to disrepute by associating its name to ponzi.

It could also be said without fear of contradiction that the scam is in the like of the others who have been booted by Security and Exchange Commission in recent times. They have no specific business model but a model that can only be scam. Plus, what kind of investment will give you about 400% as interest in matter of hours? It can only be ponzi.

Googlenaira, like the others is another community of people claiming to be interested in the financial independence of poor Nigerians the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence as it stated on its website.

See below a full list of latest online Ponzi scams in Nigeria:

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There is no help on this platform, you will only lose your money to the early birds in the scheme who will not return. This then leaves you stranded and your investment hanging in the air like a bird without nest.

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