Not a drug or tech brand, VenzaX is a Ponzi scam


What comes to your mind when you first hear VenzaX? A drug, a trading platform and or tech device?

Well you guesses and mine are all wrong!

VenzaX is a Ponzi scheme from Nigeria. The creative ingenuity of Nigerians creating numerous scams online has gove over the top.

On its sleek website which was apparently created with some serious amount of Dollars (USD), owners of the scheme promise their potential and current investors that they can within 28 hours earn up to 100% on all amount they invested into the scheme.

However, to make the process less complicated and make the phanthom casino organised, owners of the scheme created a package structure. The first package called the basic package require an investor to pay a NGN5,000 to earn NGN10,000 within 48 hours.

For those who want to make the big bucks within 48 hours, there is the X-Jetpack package that goes for NGN300,000. Investors are looking at earning about NGN600,000 within two days.

To make payment by investors easy to carry, owners of VenzaX have made it easy, The site is well illustrated with mobile money transfer code for all banks in Nigeria.

Howver, to burst your bubble in case you are already sold out, VenzaX is just a Ponzi scam and you are likely to be among the 90% who always lose money when scams like this crash or they are simply taken down by their owners.

The domain was registered on the 6th of February, 2017. Owners of the scheme have hidden their identities. Which is the first red flag for anyone thinking of checking out these guys.

On a funny note, owners of VenzaX claimed that they have over 23,000 members who are satisfied with their investment services and they have no complaints. Conversely, investors of VenzaX have written to’s editorial that they have not being paid by the scheme.

But here is the drill and the usual warning ‘You are strongly advised to invest ONLY your spare money. venzaX will not be held liable for any loss as a result of using this platform.’

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