Twinloops Ponzi scheme is a pure scam

TwinLoops is another Ponzi scam but with a little difference in its mode of operation with yet bogus returns on investment.

Participant of Twin Loops will invest NGN5000 and get returns of NGN365,ooo, even a legit business can not provide that kind of profit in months.

Read what it sales pitch says “No matter who you are or where you have been GIVERS VILLA PRO Is For You. All you need to start up the investment is just 5000 Naira to provide business help to someone and you are in to make 365,000 naira, the more people you bring on this platform the more extra bonus you make. Someone refuse to pay you don’t worry the system will suspend him and assign some else to pay you immediately , this is a community of willing people ready to provide help for each other .The system randomly merge people to pay each other base on first activated, first pay . As a reward for bringing someone in you get 5 % of every help he provide to someone else”

The creators of the system also promise to teach their investors how to run and grow their individual businesses by sacrificing their profits to get greater returns ”It is not just about giving help and receiving help, there is more to the system and i will tell you; Having run through the various level i realize that we fail in business because we eat the capital, system will teach you how to keep the capital as its a seed for the next harvest . If you want to grow in your business you have to sacrifice some of your profit to get a bigger harvest, this system will teach you how to do just that . The more people know about your business the more you sale, this system will show you ways to do that by sharing your link on different platform in other for you to get more referral bonus. Its possible to get 100% of your investment, all you need is put it in a good soil, this system is sure the best” the message on the platform reads.

This is just a catchy strategy to lure people to invest in the scheme and on the long run become victims just like every other ponzi scheme.

There are no information on who owns Twinloops. The domain was registered on the 21st of February, 2017 (three days ago). Owners of the scam have hidden their identities from the public.

Why should anyone invest in a company that its proprietors are faceless? However, many who invest in Ponzi scam such as this know upfront what lies ahead.

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