This is the bschool, where you unlearn and learn strategy


This is the bschool. A haven for the lovers of strategy. However, you will appreciate what the school has to offer, if you know the man behind the vision.

Franklin Ozekhome has been a bastion of strategy. With several years of leading brand strategy development at Nigeria’s largest advertising group, his depth of experience has seen further expression in his latest project called the BSchool.

The BSchool is a haven for talents who are keen at learning strategy from some of Nigeria’s leading business and marketing professionals. In this interview with’s startup team, Franklin explains his vision for the school.

What is the philosophy behind the name bschool?

The bschool signifies a sense of Purpose, a Will and a Vision to accomplish great things. It’s a platform that helps to amplify your credentials and state of preparedness for designing, developing and implementing innovation-based solutions for clients.

“b” represents the “becoming” of an individual; and in our case, the creative mind, who’s looking for vertically integrated solutions through a structured system. Learning takes place via three programs – business, brands and bootcamps.

Strategy is the bedrock of every spheres of life, how are you looking at pushing the course of ‘strategy’?

We have nine course modules under the Ministry of Strategy program. They include: Business strategy, Brand strategy, Product development, Consumer Insights Modelling, Marketing Intelligence and Analytics, Digital strategy, Media Planning, Brands and Branding, and Innovation BizKit.

All students go through our immersion funnel phase for detoxing. Firstly, we take them through the ‘unlearn’ phase, followed by the ‘learn’ and ‘be’ phases.

Who is your target market for the bschool?

Marketing professionals, brand managers, strategists, entrepreneurs, copy writers, media planners, heads of business planning, customer intelligence and account management executives.

What is the relationship between TINK Africa and bschool?

The bschool is a product of TINK.

A thought ledership platform developed and launched by the TINK family to help narrow the knowledge gap and growth of strategists in Nigeria. We train, nurture, recruit and mentor strategists for future-determining organizations, including advertising agencies, telecom firms, FMCGs, tech startups and consultancies.

How did you come about your resource persons for bschool?

Through my professional network developed over a decade. These multi-talented and multi-disciplinary faculty team are primarily senior-level practitioners, agency owners and business leaders working across different industries who believe in the vision of the bschool, and have come together to share knowledge. Their core expertise range from financial services to management consultancy to data analytics, and from digital planning to enterprise management and media advertising.

What are the core area of strategy you are looking to focusing on?

Everything strategic planning – business, marketing, product, brand, consumer, media and digital.

Are you looking at making the school a global brand or strictly African?

Right from inception, we have adopted a ‘glocal’ point of view – global thinking, practices and methodology; local trends, insights and applications.

How competitive are your pricing?

We offer packages rather costs per courses. You can customize your program to suit specific objectives or career goals. Ultimately, the cost for a specific program been offered is determined by the selection of the prospect-student on what he or she intends to accomplish.

Do you have any competition in this market and how do you intend to create your own market and niche?

Our intent is to build, nurture and mentor strategic planners who will add value to their organizations by helping to develop blueprints and roadmaps for success, business models, strategy reports for corporates, and to advance the trajectory growth of brands.

The bschool is a multi-business, brand and bootcamp school for future-thinking individuals who want to go further. Our competition is anyone who’s playing in that space but we would rather see them as partners-of-progress, as we both co-create the future together for smart Nigerians.

What is the strongest USP for B. School?


Strategy and Innovation. The bschool is a strategy and innovation school for creative and marketing professionals.

What is the value of your investment in this venture and how do you intend to optimise it?

Mental leadership is our top premium resource that has been expended in the development of this thought leadership platform. The amount of time spent in thinking and planning how to birth, develop and coach people from various backgrounds is really an arduous task. But we are committed to this venture; we ar committed to bring this dream to fruition; we are committed to sending out hundreds of strategists into the world every year. That’s our purpose.

You have an incubation setting for startups, what is your goal with this?

The Common Labs is a resource platform for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and innovators who share experience, time and work-space to create new products and services across industries. These co-work spaces offer a community of professionals connection, collaboration and co-creation at work, while remaining in a flexible environment.
We also offer Accelerator programs which is intense and immersive and seeks to supports early stage and growth driven companies through education, mentorship and financing. This program runs for a minimum of three months.