Twinkas Ponzi scam begins to collapse, swindles early investors


When you monitor what Twinkas Ponzi scam tells its investors, you begin to wonder if some Nigerians are ‘under a spell’.

Twinkas Ponzi scam investors who invested a minimum of NGN10,000 have not been able to get their funds. The scheme’s first package has crashed and the whole system as whole might crash anytime.

Owners of the scam who have hidden their identities had promised investors who invested NGN10,000 to get NGN20,000 within two weeks after payment of funds.

Insttead of admitting that scheme has colllapsed, owners of Twinkas are telling swindled investors to invest more money. For over a week, Twinkas has stopped paying them their investment nor the returns promised.

Using several Ponzi scam bloggers and campaigners, investors are now pressured to invest a minimum of NGN50,000 to get bigger returns. They are promised 100% return on the package within two weeks.

Owners of Twinkas Ponzi scam have invaded and other sites critical of the scheme to discredit articles that call the attention of their investors to the dangers ahead of them.

A Ponzi scheme analyst told that the NGN50,000 package is a play by the owners of the scam to ensure they make as much as possible. As for all those who invested NGN10,000 each in the scheme, they are not likely to get their money back into the scheme as the scammers now have their eyes on bigger funds.

On its website, Twinkas is already playing mind games with its investors. It has a picture of one ‘Ebulueme Chidiebere’ as the ‘face of Twinkas 2016’. The ploy has been described as strategy to give credence to its shady activities. Owners of the scheme have not disclosed their identities. There are insinuations that ‘Ebulueme Chidiebere’ is linked to top echelons of the scheme.

MMM Nigeria, the biggest Ponzi scam that is being copied by the likes of Twinkas, Loopers and Claritta has since kept quiet especially its top promoters. Analyst suggest many of its top promoters, also known as guiders are the ones behind most copycat Ponzi scheme.

Without showing proof, owners of Twinkas claimed on the site that they have over 2.7 million members. While this is a bogus and sensationalised number, its members has been estimated at about 100,000.

However, by the time Twinkas crash, it will become the second largest scam to fail after MMM Nigeria.