JPON Express for convenience and on time deliveries around Lagos

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JPON Express is a Lagos based courier and parcel delivery service company with the goal of satisfying the growing need to move packages from one place to another on time.

The company launched towards the last quarter of 2016 and it’s fast becoming the solution to on time deliveries.

Its operations cover Lagos only for the time being, while  it hopes to provide nationwide delivery service to all SMEs, individuals and e-commerce companies soon.

JPON Express provides a technology driven process and affordable rates geared towards making deliveries as swift as possible without any hassles.

JPON Express


Cash collection and remittance is not a problem at all. JPON Express will collect cash on your behalf and remit to you within 48-hours after the delivery of your order(s).

Here is how it works:  Simply contact JPON Express via the available medium which can either be Email, Phone, or Whatsapp, and be sure to get a swift response. You can as well schedule your pickup request online through this link 

Are you a seller online looking for a convenient delivery service or you run a business with logistics needs, you can reach JPON Express via email or call 08188017444, 08188017555. You can find more information on the company’s website