Sixhourspay is a brotherly coordinated ponzi scam


It is no news that the economic situation is not palatable for many Nigerians which is why Ponzi schemes such as Sixhourspay are on the increase.

Sixhourspay is a scheme where participants provide financial help to each other with hope of getting 50% interest on each investment.

For members of the scheme, when you provide help on six hours pay, you receive 50% reward growth on your donation in six hours, this is according to the promise on the promoters’ website.

Its modus operandi shows that it is nothing different from other ponzi scams out there promising loads of benefits and also urging participants to use spare funds. With this in mind, the promoters appeal to the emotions of ‘gullible and greedy’ individuals who also want to make quick money from where they have not sow.

‘Always be your brother helper; do the right thing at the right time. don’t delay others by not confirming them because this may deprive your access to other transaction’.

‘It is very important to note that all participants are doing so at their own risk’. Of course it is risky to invest a in a program such as this, which is why the government of Nigeria through the relevant agencies have raised a voice against pyramid schemes.

There are no information as to who owns the site because the domain as been set to private. The domain was registered on the 3rd of January, 2017.

Sixhourspay on its website displays an image of Europeans who may not have the slightest idea of what their image is being used to portray. The site has nothing to offer other than to rob you to pay your other fellow which is not sustainable.

The menace of Ponzi scams in Nigeria has become far reaching. Last December, close to 3 million Nigerians lost over NGN5 billion to MMM, a Russian originated Ponzi scheme that has collapsed in China, South Africa and Zimbabwe.