MMM Returns ponzi scam is impersonating Sergey Mavrodi

Sergey Mavrodi

Some of the lackeys of Sergey Mavrodi are alledged to be the owners of MMM Returns ponzi scam (‘’).

Owners of the this brand new but copycat scam are claiming that MMM Returns is affiliated to MMM Global.

It would be recalled that MMM Nigeria, a franchise of MMM Global collapsed last December with over NGN5 billion RoI liabilities piled up and no payment to its investors.

However, the rate at which owners of MMM Returns tried to latch everything about the scheme to Sergey Mavrodi makes it smell of impersonation and outright fraud.

While Sergey Mavrodi himself is a convicted fraudster back in Russia, the idea of other scammers impersonating him in their scheme makes such ventures more dangerous than any other schemes the Mavrodi himself has ever associated himself with.

MMM Returns has not product and or services. The first red flag is that the scheme collects deposit in Bitcoin which makes it a deadly time bomb by the time it crashes.

For investors to get involved in the scheme, they are promised the following:

  • Deposit from .05 – 10BTC and start earning Daily for 50 days. Total ROI 50%.
  • One Simple Daily Task. Takes About 13 Seconds then you get paid for that day!
  • Get Paid A Share Of ALL The Profits ME & Up to 49 In My Upline Make Daily!
  • Get Paid 2 X Infinity Level Commissions up to 1% through unlimited levels
  • NOT Peer To Peer Means NO Waiting For Confirmations, Fake Screen Shots etc.
  • Withdraw Multiple Times Per Day WITH NO LIMITS
  • Get Paid 5% Binary Bonus Commissions When Your Income Matches On Each Side. Example: You Have $500 In
  • Volume On Your Left And $500 In Volume On Your Right, a total of $1000 in volume.
  • You Get Paid $25.00 which is 5% of the volume match! The System Calculates ALL Of Your Volume Through Infinite levels With A Daily Cap of 5 Bitcoin Which Is Currently $5,000.00 Per Day!

There is a major deviation from the norm. Without stating clearly, you will notice that MMM Returns has a central account. It means the scammers who run the company can make away with all Bitcoins invested without any trace.

Since it is not peer to peer system, then you should be ready for any loss without making a dime out of the system.

Also the domain name has been registered privately, there are no information on who owns and runs it except mumbo-jumbo sales pitch that spammed Sergey Mavrodi’s name and picture on the site.

However, there is a clue. Pictures of the people who are alledged to be members of the scheme look more less they are Filipinos. The domain was registered on the 29th of June, 2016 with BIGROCK SOLUTIONS LIMITED. The site is hosted in the United States.

There are no doubts that whoever is behind this scam is out for a big kill. Investors should stay away from MMM Returns.