Alwayspays ponzi scam shuts down, investors lose money


It is just so unfortunate for many Nigerians after several warnings from media, government and authorities, they still fall victims of Ponzi scheme like Alwayspays which promised huge returns when it initially emerged.

Bef0re Alwayspays defruded its investors, it promised them awesome opportunities in investments. Its promissory notes read “With AlwaysPays everyone are sure of succeeding with just two levels.Our matching system will match nine(9) members to pay you ₦12,000($25) each a total of ₦108,000(900%) for level 1 within 25 days without threes(3) referrals”

“For those members with three (3) referrals, our matching system will match you with nine(9) members to pay you ₦12,000($25) each a total of ₦108,000(900%) for level 1 within 72 hours. AlwaysPays Auto system, Grant total freedom to everyone.It has never been this easy”

Join and Upgrade to Level 1 with just ₦12,000 naira ($25) Invite three friends with your link to recieve ₦12,000 ($25) from Nine(9) members by our Matching System a total of ₦108,000 within 72 hours.
Then Upgrade to level 2 to recieve ₦33,600 ($70) from 27 members each, a total of ₦907,200.00 naira ($1,890.00) within 9 days . Then you are done with the total level which is Level 2 .”

One of its supposed beneficiaries in bid to lure people into the system by providing false appraisal said” I have made over N300,000 since I joined. Please register with my link below if you want to be matched faster. Once you register you will be matched to someone you will pay immediately. DO NOT register of you do not have your N12,000 ready.”

The website is no longer reachable to its investors who have written several emails to’s team. The domain was registered on the 7th of February, 2016. The speed at which Alwayspays collapsed depicted an outright fraudulent scheme that was orchestrated to scam anyone who invest in it.

Last week, Citifund also collapsed with thousands of its investors losing close to NGN100 million to the scammers who ran the scheme.

Nigerians should watch out for more of this from other ponzi schemes promising heaven on earth, said an analyst.

There are no guarantees that owners of the scam would not have created another scam to get new sets of victims.