Bringbackourcash Ponzi wants to scam scammed investors

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This is no joke. A Ponzi Scheme called Bringbackourcash has actually launched.

But never mind even if it is not a joke because it is a scam hoping to scam already scammed victims.

The site was launched two days ago. Some of the people who are linked to this Ponzi Scheme were seen promoting it online.

We are all emotional about the Chibok girls and how badly we want them back. Bringbackourgirls movement was created to push forward this demand.

In case you are wondering the philosophy behind Bringbackourcash, you will be shocked what it is. Owners of this scheme promise their investors that they will help them recover all the monies they have lost to Ponzi schemes online.

To buttress that this is not a joke, one of the people linked to the scam said in a Ponzi Scheme forum that Bringbackourcash “is giving you the opportunity to get your cash back by giving you this pre-info…matching will commence by 11am among the first to register and get your cash back..20k to get 60k”

As a proof this is one of the regurgitated schemes, the owners of the scam warned potential investors that “Only serious and willing participants are to register. Beggars will be purged out of the system and blacklisted for all to see if they fail to pay within two hours and their upliners will be rematched”.

It is a no-brainer that it is impossible for these folks to recover funds lost to say MMM Nigeria for example, but an analyst said there are people who will fall for this sort of ridiculous promise. He said instead of people recovering any monies they have lost, Bringbackourcash will swindle of what they are yet to have.

The choice of name and the principles behind this one shows how desperate online scammers have become, says a business journalists. They have no sense of responsibility and sympathy. That they can mimic and ridicule a noble cause like the Bringbackourgirls movement is an indication of how ruthless they will be with anyone who puts money in the scam.

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