Givers corner is giving false hope in ponzi scam

mobil contract

The gospel of financial freedom preached by ponzi promoters seem to be the catch lately as  Givers corner claims to help its member get out of poverty.

The scheme also positions itself as one of the fastest ways of making making money online.

According to the information on Givers corner website, its mission is to provide the easiest platform to make money online, and the fastest platform to make money, while Providing a sustainable source of income.

Investors are promised a hundred percent interest on investment after being matched with other members who have also donated to unknown individuals. The message it is spreading is that members would enjoy a ‘superdonation experience’ when they join, but it leaves the question of what kind of experience they refer to.

Perhaps they refer to what those who have lost their monies to mmm are experiencing. Real hardship after losing their hard-earned money in contract to the happiness they all tout in their websites.

There is no hope in the sustenance of any ponzi scheme, the earlier participants realized the better for them.