Esusu Ponzi scam claims to offer investors 100% returns

The antics of Ponzi scam racketeers is one joke too many with the launch of Esusu.

From the look and feel of the site, owners of Esusu must have paid its designers handsomely. The website is simple, clean and organised. However, the scheme is nothing special.

Its owners who have hidden their identities described Esusu as “Esusu is a member to member donation system, you don’t need referrals or downlines to earn”.

The scheme in the usual drill promises its investors 100% return on investment should they invest a minimum of NGN6,000. Investors are promised the jumbo RoI between 24 to 100 hours.

Investors are also promised phantom referral bonuses just like MMM Nigeria. An investor will supposedly earn NGN24,000 for every referrals they bring into the scheme.

With no product and or capital investment owned by Esusu, it is clear that they scheme cannot continue to meet up with payment of bogus earnings to investors and affiliates.

Another red flag is that Esusu claims to be a peer to peer donation scheme but it owners are not running a charity either. They are running the scheme for mega profit which will be secretly taken from investors who think they are paying to fellow investors.

To run such financial services company, requisite registrations and licenses are required by law.

Part of the sophistry used by these types of Ponzi scams is that they hide under the pretext of being a free willing ‘donation’ ¬†system where members are giving money to each other without being coerced.

What they do not tell their investors is that they spend serious money to set up, run and maintain the website. The capital invested as well as the profits are recouped from investors deposits using phoney names and bank accounts.

Owners of this scheme do not have any. Their identity is hidden. The moment the casino dries up, they will abscond with investors’ money and never to be seen again.

The domain registration of Esusu is hidden from the public. Whoever invest in this scheme will end up getting scammed.