Couplars Ponzi scam promises its investors bogus returns

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After eight days it launched on the Internet, Couplars Ponzi is now claiming to have over 8,000 members.

In case you are wondering who owns Couplars, there are no information.

Just as practiced by all Ponzi schemes, identities of owners are always top secret to prevent any trace of law enforcement agencies and or backlash from investors who will surely loose money to the scheme.

Couplars has no product and or services it engage in to make profit payments to its investors. As a pitched by its owners, the scheme ask them to invest a minimum amount for a RoI of 100% within 20 days.

In the words of its owners, Couplars “A community of people who are changing the world, people who selflessly make donations to each other on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. Couplars is a tool that bring like minds together. We only collect data from people who need help at the moment and send the data to those who are willing to make donations. With our incredible structures, this platform has been designed to stand the test of time”.

While this sales pitch sounds very convincing, there many signs that Couplars is just another scam that blow up soon.

Apart from the fact that it’s activities are illegal and unregulated, claims of bogus return on investment to its investors are deceptive and outright falsehood.

No investment company anywhere in the world can guarantee anyone 100% return within 20 days. Interest rates are benchmarked against current inflation rate, a decision that is made by Central banks.

Owners of Couplars cannot deliver on their promise. They will only collect money from investors, keep most to themselves, pay little out. The scheme will end up collapsing after new investors dry up.

The menace of Ponzi schemes have taken a new dimension after the huge popularity and eventual collapse of MMM Nigeria. With the crash of MMM Nigeria, it was predicted that desire to invest in these schemes would wane, however, more schemes keep coming.

Several new Ponzi schemes have also collapsed causing huge financial losses which are hard to estimate due to lack of records.