Zorexhub ponzi scheme woos investors with bogus claims

Reget Cash

Just like other ponzi scams out there, Zorexhub promises its members 200% financial assistance after making donations to another member.

Based on the information available on the scheme’s website, members get double the amount they have donated within 2-5 days. Another big lie.

Nothing so new and different about Zorexhub as it is also a peer-to-peer risky donation which claims to be organized and efficient. Some of the deceitful messages read:

‘It was created to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping man. Its connect people through donation to provide financial assistance to each other and everybody is helped.’

Unfortunately We live in a society where lies sell more. Apparently this is one of those lies that will sell fast to greedy folks looking to make wealth via the fast lane without working hard or building anything. In fact, the promoters of the scheme claims to have created a better, stronger and reliable platform beyond all whatsapp groups to serve you better. Okay!

It is often said that even in Gold Coast, golds don’t lie enticingly on the ground for people to pick. But it appears the promoters of Zorexhub are bent on ruining the positive spirit of Nigerians; the can do spirit. They display cash as usual on the site  just to attract new interested members.

The collapse of the scheme is like a timed bomb waiting to explode. Hence Nigerians are advised to stay away from all unauthorized investments such as Zorexhub as they have no help to render.

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