Poll suggests Jumia, IrokoTV are not ‘good’ to work in


An anonymous and informal poll carried out in Nigeria has revealed some of the many startups where employees dread they will not recommend to other people to work.

The poll revealed that major startups with larger operations were negatively scored while some smaller and less known companies were scored positively.

Respondents were asked the following qualitative questions to reveal the totality of their experience at each startup, the job description, difficulty of role, remuneration and the attitude of their employers.

  • What’s the name of the startup where you worked(work)?
  • In what industry is this startup?
  • What role did you play at this Startup
  • How many roles did you play at this Startup
  • How would you describe your experience working at this Startup?
  • How difficult would you describe your role?
  • Do you think you were paid well?
  • Are you aware of what others in similar roles get paid?
  • If offered more money, would you work at the same company again?
  • How much were you paid?
  • Do you think the Startup founder had a full grasp of the Industry the company is in?
  • Did the startup founder properly communicate the goals of the company?
  • Did you get the tools and funding required to optimally carry out your tasks?
  • How would you describe the startup founder
  • Did the company seem to have any proper onboarding process for staff?
  • Did you ever work on weekends
  • Did you feel fulfilled at this startup?
  • Were you an Intern or Full-time staff?
  • Did your boss ever insult You?
  • If yes, please fill the blank to explain. If no, please state No?
  • If you were fired, do you think you were fired fairly?
  • How would you describe working at this startup in words?

Jumia, one of the major ecommerce companies in Nigeria was rated poorly. One of the respondent described his experience at Jumia as “Good learning process but was treated like crap”. Another respondent who worked at Jumia said “Eye-opening. Now, I know all the signs to avoid. But all in all, it was a fair experience. Like they say, life is a teacher.” Another respondent described Jumia as a “Hell on earth, zero work life balance but a steep learning curve”.

One of the respondent remarked with regret that Jumia “Taught me never to work in a startup. Especially e-commerce”

IrokoTV, one of the popular startups in media and video streaming received an equally negative review. A respondent who described working condition at the company as “awful” described IrokoTV as “Mostly shitty”.

Jumia is owned by Rocket Internet, a German company quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company caused a stir last year when it collapsed its Africa Internet Group (AIG) into Jumia. This led to a massive job cuts of more than 400 people. The pressure on the company to scale was attributed to the tensed working conditions in the company.

IrokoTV has also had its fair share. In the later part of 2015, the company fired over 300 people from its global operations. IrokoTV has also made various incoordinate decisions with its business model. The company has since divested into TV and content marketing.


One of the flaws of this open poll is the possibility of competitors of other companies influencing negative reviews while others might get other people to write positive reviews about them. PageOne.ng cannot determine the authenticity of this poll.


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