Givers Alliance Ponzi scheme is launching today

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From the stables of the Ponzi scheme community, Givers Alliance a typical provide help to get help scheme will be launching today.

One of the persons linked to the scheme wrote a ‘mouth-watering’ preview and pitch article for Givers Alliance.

Without giving much details, he described Givers Alliance as a with a 2:1 matrix. This means the scheme will promise its investors 100% of whatever amount they invest.

See below his pitch statement:

My sources have been telling me of this new site for days now and finally they say it will eventually launch today. I am excited because I want to be a part of this, They claim it is for the long run and not a hit and run site.

with a 2:1 matrix for long term sustainability, I don’t know how many packages are there yet. Watch this space and I’ll keep you informed.!!!!!!!!!!!!

The site will be dropping Today, 17/02/2017, Anticipate!!!!

Here is the site link just got it, countdown about to finish, but don’t know if it would be live by then.

Said they are testing to ensure zero downtime immediately it goes live, but no new timw(sic) has been given, I’ll keep you all updated, as I am also waiting

An analyst told that Givers Alliance will not be offering something different to its investors. Since their activities and operations are not registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, investors and the general public should stay away from such schemes.

Earlier today, Supernaira and Citifund collapsed. While Supernaira’s website is up but investors are not able to recoup their funds, Citifund’s website has since disappeared with no trace to its owners or an official message on what went wrong.

According to analysts’ estimates, there over 20 new Ponzi schemes launched week targeting Nigerians. While some are operated from outside of Nigeria, many of them are owned by Nigerians who always hide their identities.