Supernaira ponzi scam has just collapsed

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Supernaira ponzi scam has just collapsed.

It would be recalled that Supernaira was created by unknown individuals. As at the time of putting together this report, the official site of the ponzi scheme was displaying error 505 bad gateway message.

There are no trace of who owns the scheme. There are no address and contact details about its sponsors

In its marketing pitch, Supernaira claimed it was out to create a viable investment platform that will get rid of ‘Internet beggars’.

Suprernaira Ponzi scheme promise its investors that they can “Earn 200% from 5 minutes”. Along the line in its sales pitch, the maximum number of hours is 2 hours.

As predicted by a Ponzi scheme analysts who spoke to on Supernaira, the site has evidence of how it hopes to get the RoI it pays to its investors.

A search on the ownership of Supernaira ponzi scheme shows nothing. The owners of the scheme have hidden their identities. As the drill goes ‘when a financial services company cannot disclose who runs the show, it is a scam’ and will leave people with financial losses.

The site was created on the 11th of February, 2017. The domain name was registered with NAMECHEAP INC. A review of its traffic source on Alexa traffic shows that 79.6% of its visitors are Nigerians.

The era of ponzi scams collapsing is at hand as there are numerous schemes targeting the same set of people. A dry up in the number of new investors signal the collapse.

The scheme might restart but there are no assurance that it will come back. There are no message from affiliates who promote the scheme on various scam forums online. An analysts told that the owners will not say anything as they must have learnt from the fall of MMM Nigeria.